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I am waiting for my resutls but i have a strong feeling I have endometriosis...is there anything with similiar symptoms?

Hi I am 22years old and i am currently in the process of having tests done to determin if endo is what i have i have done alot of reasearch on this after my doctor told me there is a chance it could be this.

just need some advice from people that know more about this......

so the symptoms that i have been getting for the last 8months are:

really painful periods with heavy clots

pain in my stomach get so swollen when on my period..and pain in my pelvis and back

Pain during sex

always seem to be tired even if i have had a good nights sleep just dont ever have any energy to do anthing .

painful passing stool more so when i am on my period

get diarrhoea and constipation when on my period

i bloat when i eat anything even small amounts which does not go down quickly and leaves me feeling really uncomfortable.

always feel really down and depressed.

any advice would be great right now just need answers.

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Hi, I had exactly the same. Also the painful passing stool and constipation.

The GP told me I'm a woman, so I have to

live with this. For the constipation I have to eat brown bread...of course I knew there was something else. But it takes a long time a doctor believes you. And this was ten years ago.

finally, after more than a year and after seeing different doctors I went into surgery. The oncologist (!) removed the ovary what turned out to be a chocolate cyst, and I had severe endometriosis.

I take hormones now and I have much less pains.


this is a great help for me thankyou for getting back to me....if you dont mind me asking the thing that is really playing on mind is my fertility i am aware that this can sometimes mess it around a bit has it made it harder for you to have children or made it alot harder to get preg?


I chose not to have children,

But my gynecologist was sure that I still was able to get pregnant. He also was convinced a pregnancy is the best remedy for endometriosis.

But again, this was ten years ago.


This was in my case. The possibility with endometriosis is infertility.


Aww okay

thankyou for your advice...yeah i have been told this aswell from a friend but i know that it was alot more work for her to fall preg jus a worrying thing.

but thankyou again :)


Good luck! Let us know if it turns out to be endo...


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