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Cyst with the coil

I was diagonised with endo last july confirmed by lap last oct, had a 10cm right sided cyst removed, zoladex for 3months whilst the coil kicked in.At 6 week follow up ultrasound a 4cm cyst had appeared in the same place.

Earlier on this year i started to get faecal symptoms, urgency & pain, went back to my GP and got given the letter from the hopsital, hospital consultant hadn't told me that my POD was oblierated nor that my uterus was attached to my bowel.

Am now under the care of a BSGE hospital had a very long in depth ultrasound mid sept where i found out I have 2 cysts on the right and 1 on the left. I am waiting to see the specialist endo nurses now.

My Question is SHOULD i be getting cysts with the coil, is this normal?

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When they fitted mine, they said we will put it in and get your gp to send you for a scan to make sure there are no cysts, mine came back with numerous cysts but because they were less than 5cm they weren't bothered. Never had any response as to what to do so just left the coil where it was for 10months. Good luck x


It is quite common for endo to grow while you have the coil and no periods.

I have had the coil 2.5 years and I'm in 24/7 pain and I have confirmed endo growth.

A lot of people on here are in the same position as me.

You are very luck to be under the care of a specialist so hopefully you are feeling improvements soon.


Thank you both very much. I was left with the impression that the coil was to stop endo growth and cysts, my pain is getting worse sam341 waking up at 6am in pain every morning.


Well I had the coil over a year before the pain started. It been contraceptive pill ever since I started periods because at 12 I would bleed so much I would faint and sleep a lot.

And I have had suspected endo since 13 and confirmed in April this year. Maybe the pill and coil have slowed it down but it still grows. And I am now in constant pain which I have been told is in my head.

You are so luck to be under the care of a specialist so keep on at them and I'm sure your will get the best treatment possible.



It is awful knowing cysts will keep reappearing. I can't comment on the coil part of your question, but I am on the pill. And still get cysts. I had very large ones removed in June and by July they had regrown in the same place. Will be having them removed in January.

Will you be having yours removed again? Mine are around 6cm, I was scared they would be considered too small for removal.

On a positive after I was transferred yo a BSGE hospital I have felt much more supported and had things explained to me properly. And my endo nurse is always at the end of the phone or email, which is amazing.

Hope you get answers to your questions x

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