Confused about my op

Hi ment to have a lap and laser or hysterectomy but got cancelled they phoned me up to say I have to see a new consultant because when they cancelled they didn't have anyone to do reconstruction on the bowel but this has not been mention before has anyone else had to have it it's the first I know about I got to meet new consultant beginning of Nov ..

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  • Hi - was this in a specialist endo centre as that is the only place you should have endo surgery involving the bowel and must only involve the named colorectal surgeon on the list at the BSGE who regulate the centres? This sort of surgery must be very carefully planned so how have they diagnosed bowel involvement? Also where are you in the UK?

  • Yes agree with lindle. If endometreosis is anywhere on your bowel u need a bowel surgeon involved.

  • Am in Wales and it's a normal hospital through my consultant.

  • They not done a scan or anything since I had my coil in and no one has ever mention my bowels that is why I am confussed. Xx

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