Bleeding on microgynon 30??!!


So this seems to be my saving grace and I am hoping some of you girlies will be able to share your stories and calm my racing mind!!

I had my first laparoscopy in July and had awful pain for months after I am on microgynon 30 and have been told to take it 4 packs back to back. I'm a third through my 3rd pack and I am bleeding clots and the pain is just as bad if not worse than before my laparoscopy?!

I was hoping the operation would help me and this pain but things seem to have just got worse.

My gyno (who seems a bit useless) said that if in a couple of weeks I am still experiencing this pain he wants to try an injection that temporarily puts me in a state like the menopause...I'm 24!!

My thoughts are if I have pain I still have endometriosis left inside...?

If any of you lovely people can help I'm all ears!!!

Lucie :)

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  • The injection does help but it's not a solution. I worried about future side effects when I had them. Be careful with that particular pill it can cause depression. Go back and tell them the pill isn't working for the bleed or the pain, and you are not sure a temporary fix is the right answer you need something more permenant.

  • Hello!

    Thank you so much for replying!!

    I have been put for for another urgent scan and blood tests so if that comes back clear i think i may try this injection...

    Lucie :)

  • Before my lap I had the same pain was on the Yasmin pill and explained pre op to the consultant that I had been bleeding and having really awful pain he told me that the pill was obviously ineffective for me so maybe yours is now for you? I too am having the injection to put me through the menopause (I'm 26) not read anything good online about the injections mines called zoladex. The reason I'm having the injections and the reason they typically give them is to shrink down the endo that's still left inside so maybe you need to ask if there is still some left that they couldn't remove? Hope this helps.

  • Hello!!

    How are you finding the injection as they said it can cause menopause side effects? Has your pain eased at all?

    It is the pain that i am struggling with most!!

    Thank you so much for replying!!

    Lucie :)

  • Hi Lucie, I haven't had my first injection yet but will keep you updated when I do. I've just read on here the women that have had it and mostly it is bad news but I think typically online people only review when they have bad experiences compared to the good.

  • Have you had a cervical check? Only asking as it could be cervical erosion?

    I have had gnrh twice for extended periods and I have to say minus a few annoying specific side effects I found this better for pain than other treatments. I have had cervical erosion due to prolonged and heavy bleeding so it may be worth asking or having a look online x

  • Hello!!

    Luckily my doctor is a bloody good and has put me forward for an urgent scan and blood test to rule out any other underlying problems it could be so hopefully if there is an erosion it will come up?

    If they come back clear and it is 100% the endometriosis i think i shall ask to see a different gyno for a second opinion!

    Thank you for replying, means alot!

    Lucie :)

  • Hi Lucie,

    I'm glad you have a good doctor, from my memory the erosion was picked up on a hystroscopy (camera) and more recently when they gave me a smear (had a few based on symptoms though under age)...

    Good luck, maybe add that to your list of queries 😊

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