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Another op :( urethral dilation- any advice?

Hi ladies,

Had another appointment with the urologist today as a follow up from the cystoscopy I had a few months back (where they found endo in my bladder) he told me that also during the cystoscopy the doctor who performed it had noted it was extremely difficult to get the camera inside my bladder (the pain was horrendous- felt like someone was forcing a knife up there) & that my urethra appeared to be very narrow with some scarring. I suffer from alot of kidney infections & he said that part of the reason for this could be because my urethra is so narrow & I can't empty my bladder alot of the time.

He told me he was putting me on the list for a procedure called "Urethral dilation" where they would try to make my urethra wider (said that it would be done under general anaesthetic as a day case) to see if it would help. He told me if it didn't work then other options would be things such as another lap to see if I had endo on my kidneys (which has been a suspicion my gp raised as I have widespread stage 4 endo) or long-term antibiotics to help with the infections. I also had to have bloods done as he wants to look at my kidney & liver function, & my hemoglobin levels & stuff to do with my immune system.

To be honest I am really worried about this op as he didn't really explain what would happen & mentioned stuff that i may need a catheter for a short time after & that it might cause infection. Have any of you had this procedure done? If so please tell me your experiences of it & how it was after ect as I am pretty nervous :(

Hope you are all well this evening xxxxxx

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Just a question, have you tried self cathertisation to help you with emptying the bladder?


No hun I haven't- only ever been catheterised in hospital & to be honest it was so painful that I don't think it's something I could do myself :/


I have been catheterised in hospital too and it had me screaming or crying, when they suggested I get trained in home catheter use I was very sceptical and also deterred..

However the trainee I had was very quick to explain that the catheter they use in hospital is rigid and also wide in general and that using the more delicate and varied home types on a try and reject basis would be a different game. I have been prescribed a 10 lofric and although is uncomfortable at times especially when learning cos I was stressed its slowly becoming easier to use...

I only suggest it cos they never tell you of options to help manage it in the interim. I have touch wood seem to have suffered less infections and less pain as I was holding 400 - 600ml post void haha

Good luck x


Thankyou hun :) i have been on 5mg vesicare for the last few months but it hasn't helped at all (was prescribed it by my gp to try & ease the bladder problems) & I am gonna go back to the gp to see if i can come off it- im on so many different meds that i dont want to take something for the sake of it if it doesn't work. I will ask my gp about self - catheterisation & see waht he says. I get alot of bladder & kidney infections so maybe it could help. Thankyou though hun :) xxx


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