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I just wondered how often you all feel pain due to having endo. Is it just around the time of your period or is it all the time. I have pain mostly around the time that my period is due and during my period. I thought I was fine afterwards but I'm currently ovulating and as only recently finding out that I could have endo, I have realised that I also experience pain when ovulating. I get pains in my sides and pelvis and hips which I've always put down to ovulating but now I'm wondering if it's something more or connected to endometriosis. ?

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  • I was the same - I mostly had pain just before and during my period, but when I paid closer attention I realised I often had much worse IBS symptoms around ovulation too. I know some people have constant pain, so the pattern is different for everyone.

  • I have not been diagnosed yet.. But since the gyno found my cyst (he squeezed it or something which was painful!).. I can identify its pains now more than before. Everyday now there's a constant pulse of sharp pains left and right of pelvis (even though cyst is on left). Left pain is more dominant. I get groin pains as well. Week before period.. Im in a million times more pain.. Back, boobs, pelvic cramps, fatigue and dizzy spells galore! Until the end of period then it's back to normal everyday sharp pains. I've noticed im ALWAYS bloated too :-( . It's sucky. Lol.

  • It sure is xxx hope u get some answers soon xxx

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