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I have my pre op for my lap tomorrow. I'm going to be asking questions tomorrow as I'm not sure what they plan to do if my endo has returned which I'm pretty sure it has! On previous laps I've had it burned out which I've now come to understand that this procedure isn't ideal and now I'm worried that this is what they will look to do again. So I'm now wondering should I go ahead with it or not. Should I maybe look to find a specialist who would cut it out. I've now found out there is a hospital right near me that is bsge registered! They look to check my tubes during this lap top so I'm wondering should I go ahead to get this done and then see if they can just investigate how bad the. Endo is and then would I have the option to then decide what I want to do?!

Any advise would be great. Thank you xx

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  • Hey.

    I think you should contact the consultant who's dealing with your surgery & see what the plans are & what they are intending to do during this lap. Whether its just diagnostic or whether they are treating anything they find at the same time.

    I would probably just go with the BSGE hospital as you would probably have better luck with them. Plus, it would save you having to have 2 surgeries. One for diagnostic then one for treatment. But its all entirely up to you. If you don't feel confident in your surgeon & think it may be a waste of time I would go & see the specialist at the BSGE hospital & go from there.

    Good luck.

    Millie. X

  • I agree with Millie, go back to your Gp and tell them you want a refferal to a bsge listed hospital, there is no point having 2 laps, if you have already been diagnosed then it's quite clear that something is going on in there,

    Where abouts was the Endo found last time?


  • i'd go with the op, gives you a few months of pain free periods. i've had 4 ops and now been told to try for a baby and if i dont conceive they will look at another op or more stronger hormone replaceement. im my experience endo will always come back for as long as you have a period. x

  • thank you for reply ladies :)

    I'm still unsure of what I want to do and now worrying and stressing about it all :( I had my pre op today but I just saw the nurse. She has advised me that I could just go ahead with the lap for them to investigate the endo and have my tubes checked and then get the verdict afterwards for me then to decide whether or not I want to go ahead with it been removed. The nurse said most times it is removed via them zapping the endo away but she cant guarantee that's the case as they may cut it out but I will just have to check with surgeon on the day as to what he plans to do. So I guess I will just wait until the day of the lap and decide then :( xx

  • How frustrating, they don't half drag it out xxx

  • Tell me about it :( xx

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