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Hi I had a post op appointment today from my lap and my doc would not give me another week or two to go back to work. I don't understand. I am not feeling to good obviously so I was wondering does anyone have any ideas on what I could do. Should I just go ahead are quest another week off work myself or just go back and feel as crappy as I'm feeling now?

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  • Can't you self certify? I'm not sure how it works but wondered if that was an option?

  • What is self certify?

  • Your GP should be able to give you a sick certificate to cover you go 2 weeks if you are still unable to return to work and longer if necessary ... Hope you feel less crappy soon xx

  • They did but however they stated that they couldn't allot me another week or two.

  • Self certify is when you do your own sick note but I've just realised it's only applicable if you're off for upto 7 days. Any longer than that and you need a doctors note. I don't understand why they won't give you one if you're still not feeling right. Are they saying they think you're fit for work?

  • They mentioned something about complications.

  • That seems strange not wanting to give you anymore sick note if you still are not feeling well enough to return to work. I am assuming you live in UK does your GP practice have another doctor you can see? otherwise you can try to return to work and then go home to show your GP you really not fit enough to return to work... Sorry you don't need this additional stress when you are trying to recover

  • I live in the US. And I know I asked for more time they said were only able to get two weeks, that I did not get.

  • This sounds ridiculous if you are only in your second week. There is no way of anticipating how a woman will recover and the only judge is the woman herself. Many will need more than two weeks and we all know that with any illness if you try and do what you can't it can only hinder recovery in the long run. It's not just about surgery but the anaesthetic and the recovery of the immune system from it all with endo being an immune system disease. We are all so different. I assume it is a GP saying that you are better? Can you perhaps ring the consultant's secretary and explain that you are just not well enough yet to see if they can contact your GP. If that doesn't work I suggest that you write a letter to the GP detailing how you feel and that you have just had surgery (I don't know how major it was but any amount of excision will represent significant surgery) and that you are not well enough to go back to work yet. Ask them to record your comments on your medical record and to put in writing to you why you are considered well enough to go to work so soon after surgery when you still feel very unwell and it is likely to hinder your recovery. Copy it to the practice manager and senior partner. I hope that will work. x

  • Thank you so much and it was the surgeon who said that to me. I almost cried. Because I said regardless of what it was my body is not ready. I just could not believe that. I'm still angry. I'm just like what to do go to work and ge in pain and my employer would not let me leave because I'll have no more time to take off work. But if my doctor approve for me to go back soon as now then I know I'm not going to make it. If the doctor give me a few more weeks I'll be good enough to go back. But my body feels like crap. I don't feel ill be able to perform my tasks with feeling like this. 😟😟😟😟

  • Then I suggest that you go and see your GP as a routine visit after having had surgery and tell him/her that you are not well enough yet and can you have another sick note. No need to even mention what the consultant has said. I should still write down how you feel and how you are not well enough to go back to work yet to so you can be sure it is all recorded in your records while you are actually there. Then if they refuse ask them to put it in writing to you why they won't let you stay off until you recover. Do you know what they did at your lap?

  • Yes they removed lesions, adhesions, old Endo and they couldn't do the rest they wanted to, because they were trying to save the female organs. But said that it still is possible that it is needed. I Did not know that there was not a cure.

  • Hi - if you had endo that they couldn't remove then you should be referred to a specialist centre where they should be able to do a more thorough lap. I suggest when you go to your GP that you ask for a copy of the operative report and come back so we can assess your situation. They may print it off there and then or they may ask you to put it in writing and make a small charge. It is important to know though to ensure that you are getting the right care. x

  • Thank you I will do that. Why is this illness whatever it is so horrible.

  • We have to be some strong women to get through something so rough. I love you guys because you understand and not judgemental or bias.

  • I have had info from Health service that says 2-4 weeks but it is ultimately up to you. Need to clinically reason why dr feels your fit & why you feel your not. Otherwise if you have workplace health team - go discuss with them .

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