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Afternoon everyone

Need some advice as every door is closing in my face. I had a lap on 9th Dec to get rid of endo from my ovaries and womb that went ok was told by the hospital to continue taking my pill cerelle so I did I then had a period 16th Dec wasn't to painful very heavy etc. Well I'm now 24 days late I continued to take my pill I have done 2 pregnancy tests coming back as negative. I also went to my doctors who advised me it can take up to 4 months for the body to heal? what I don't understand is why I get sharp pains I'm an emotional wreck and constantly tiered and agrovated. I have so many questions as endo is new and having a lap is new but my doctor literally advised and I quote " just sit and wait it out" this upsets me as I would desperately want to fall pregnant in the next year but don't even know or understand my body at the moment all I get is sharp pains wanting to eat crap crying and wanting to sleep.

I'm sorry for the s.a its just hard as my parents aren't overly supportive as they don't understand feels like they think I'm having a dramatic period and just being 25

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Ok you're only 6 weeks post surgery. If you had extensive Endo (stage 3-4) and they excised this i.e. Did a lot of work on you - recovery time is 6-8 weeks minimum realistically. This is not 6-8 wks until you're 100%, this is 6-8 weeks of taking it easy, sleeping, only going out for a few hours at a time. If you're already back at work etc and pushing yourself like normal this would explain why you're crying and tired. I moved house and was trying to behave as normal 3 wks after my first lap - I was an absolute mess because of it. The longest it has taken me has been about 3 - 4 months which would tie in with what your gp said.

Periods can be erratic after surgery, also if you're under stress either physically or emotionally it can knock your cycle off. You're only a week or so late if your cycle is 28 days. If your cycle is longer or it came early in Dec because of the surgery you're only a few days off. I wouldn't worry about pregnancy until you're recovered and in good shape physically, one thing at a time, you'll be fine. x

P.s. With regard to your parents, get them to read stuff from Endo uk and Endo resolved. If you had been diagnosed with ms or diabetes I doubt they would put it down to 'being 25'. Unfortunately as Endo is gynae related a lot of people can be very dismissive. If Endo is aggressive it can cause serious damage to your bowel and bladder, never mind it's connected to a lot of concurrent health conditions, it's serious enough and they really should be more supportive in helping you manage the condition.


Thank you that makes a lot of sense. I will try to take it easy but yes I am back at work and pushing myself there mentally and iv just bought a new place and move in April so as a first time buyer again stressful I guess I just wanted my life back to normal asap


Maybe try and just completely chill in the evenings/wkends for a while. Cook in bulk to last for 2-3 nights so you can just come home eat and rest. If anyone can help take the pressure off be helping out around the house for you until you start to feel a bit better that would be good too. I know it can be very frustrating when you don't want your life to be interrupted but it's so important, I ended up in a really bad way in casualty because I didn't rest properly. So always careful to take enough time off now.

Hope you feel better and congrats on the house - very exciting! X


Will defiantly ask for help but it's just me accepting it I suppose and thank you sorry to hear you were in hospital because of this its terrible. I just feel so down although I have so much to look forward to x


Hi - try and see this for what it is - the start of a journey. You have got over the first hurdle and had endo diagnosed at a lap which will have been done in general gynaecology so they will have concentrated on the reproductive organs when looking for endo. The hormones can be messed around after a lap so don't worry too much about irregularity. This is in itself a symptom of endo. Your doctor is right in that it can take a few months to feel any benefit but there is a possibility that they may have missed some endo so it will be important to monitor and keep a diary of continuing symptoms to see if they ease. Your instincts will tell you whether your lap has been successful so come back if you feel you need further investigations. x


It can be a real shock when you're first diagnosed, so you're coping with that as well as physically recovering. You've so much going on with work and moving too it's bound to be overwhelming!

It's ok to ask for help and support, you will get a lot of support from ladies on here too anytime you need it.

Remember that some people have one lap for Endo and then little trouble after, others might have a few laps over 10yrs, some more frequently. Everyone is different so don't let reading about bery severe cases frighten you. Concentrate on taking time to look after yourself right now so you can get the most out of the surgery. Like Lindle says keeping a diary is a great idea and if you have problems again get referred to a specialist at an Endo centre.

A website that helped me learn about alternative treatments and Endo in general is -endo resolved- I eventually tried the Endo diet and acupuncture both of which have been great! It might take some time but you'll find what works for you. Hope you feel better x

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