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My periods had been on time well roughly 28 days for a few months but before that i was going anywhere between 29/35 days but just these past few months i was 14 days late so 42 days then my next went to 34 days (6 days late) and now i should have started 4 days ago but still no sign. I recently came of my pill in Jan/Feb this year and was it on it for 10 years so i know its normal for my body to be adjusting.

Just wondering does anyone else go as long as this or are periods to all to pot. I had a few periods where i lost blood heavy for up to 10 days but these last two was quite light compared to this.

All i keep thinking is am i on a really early menopause and worry myself stupid overthinking! I want to conceive but last intercourse was July due to endo and currently waiting for lap. I have taken pregnancy tests all tested as negatives :(

Any advise would be very helpful, thank you :)

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Before my lap to treat my endo my periods were arriving late some months and early other months - they were all over the place. I thought the same about menopause! Turned out it was due to my endo messing with my cycle (my endo was in my ovaries and other places) X


Same here, it's another symptom. Since coming off the pill in June 2014 I've never had two cycles the same length. Range from 20 days to 56.

Are you under treatment for your endo?

Not to worry you or anything, just wondering really. I have stage 4 including a cyst on my right ovary which I'd assumed causes my irregular cycles. I'm possibly terribly wrong though, I didn't care enough to monitor them before I went in the pill. The two are maybe completely separate endometriosis issues?

I've just seen a specialist a week or so ago who has given me prostap for now until he operates. Weird going from ttc to temporary menopause but I'm happy to be getting treatment for the pain and general live disruption! Turns out I've a few other fish to fry before worrying about my fertility.

When I first started to wonder if my body was just adjusting I asked a close friend who said she was regular after 3 months.

I don't feel like I've been much help there (and my tiredness at this time isn't helping) but just want you to know you're not the only one but it's maybe something you need to get checked out. It can't harm x


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