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Pain in right chest and under ribs?!

Hi everyone!

I had my endo excised at the beginning of the year (ovaries, stomach and bowel) I used to get quite sore below my right ribs but it stopped after the surgery and wow it's come back with vengeance!!

I've noticed a few incidents where I felt like I couldn't get enough air in my lungs without sharp shooting pains which I put down to anxiety but on Monday I woke up and felt like I had ran a marathon. I felt like everything hurt but I had pin radiating up and down my right ribs and chest I have only been able to fully inhale today and laughing was impossible! If I was lay down it was far worst too. I've slept for a few days and I'm starting to feel better but I was wondering if anyone has had these symptoms before and what it was?

Also yesterday I noticed it was worst after eating.

Thanks! X

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Hi - these are signs of endo on the diaphragm and possibly lungs. I think you are in Spain? So don't know the treatment protocol over there but your specialist should be aware of this.


Hi there!

I have endo in my liver which can give me some symptoms such as pain in the rib area and shortness of breath (tho my endo is quite high up towards the top on the liver). I also had pleurisy last year which was blamed on the endo, I have been told it's possible it has spread to the diagphram! An mri should pick anything like that up so maybe talk to your consultant about that? Hope u get the treatment you need xx



Sorry to hear you're suffering. I have endometriosis on my diaphragm and experience pain in my right hand side almost constantly now. The pain is also in my shoulder and spreads to my neck and arm.

Also find it hard to breathe at certain points in my cycle. The endometriosis was not picked up On MRI scans but only when my Gyne put the larascope up in my rib cage. Such an awful disease and so incredibly painful. Have you tried the endometriosis diet? I have seen improvement in my pelvic symptoms from excluding certain foods.

Wishing you well xx


Hi, sorry for coming into the discusdion, I get rib tingling pain on both left and right side. I had very bad right shoulder pain until I had Decaptel? injection. My rib pain only started once I started to have mirena coil.

My questin is, when you say your surgen stuck up laparoscope up ribcage, did you get an extra lap hole for the gynea to access the location?

Thank you, I am interested to find out about it. x


Hi Akiboo,

I have to confess that I don't remember the exact conversation with my Doctor as it was about 4 years ago. I do remember that I had an MRI scan pre operation, which didn't pick up endo nodules in my diaphragm. After the operation, my Doc said sadly there was evidence of endo there. I only had the usual three incisions, one in my belly button and one by each ovary. I assume she used the belly incision.

I've never had any medication other than Zoladex implants. I didn't want the coil as have been trying for a baby for a while. So unsure whether it exacerbates the pain. I find food can make my diaphragm pain worse which is a complete nightmare as obviously can't do without it!

Good luck getting to the bottom of it. I hope you feel better soon x


Thank you very much for your reply. Yes eating quite a bit of food can make my rib painful, too. I hope you can get more effective treatment, too! xx


That's so scary! I thought it was quite uncommon for this to happen but it seems like all my symptoms are very similar! Could this have been missed driving my laparoscopy? The surgeon specialised in reproductive cancer rather than endometriosis so maybe he didn't have a proper look?

I'll definitely make an appointment with my gp to refer me to the endo centre at St Mary's and get a second opinion.

Thanks for the replies I've felt like I've been going crazy the last few days and feel like everyone is looking at me like a hypochondriac!!!



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