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Pain under ribs recently diagnosed endometriosis

Hi wondered if someone could help. I have just been diagnosed with endometriosis saw a gynogeoist last week.

I did mention the pain under my ribs he didn't seem to think much of it. It's got to be the worst pain I've ever experienced plus the pain I have in my ovaries a week before my period during and a week after. It's ruining my life it's gotten worse over the past 4 months. I used to be active go to the gym swimming and I only go out once a week on my bike now which isn't me.

I am meant to be training for London to Brighton on road and Winchester to Eastbourne off road .

Breathing in currently is very painful, laying on that side, I find pressing it and hot water bottle helps or helps mentally anyway. Sometimes the pain feels like someone is sticking a burning sharp rod inside my stomach twisting and turning for a few moments, goes then comes back. Also feels like it's being stretched like a tearing feeling. Has anyone else had this?

Every month it seems to get worse that the last.

They want to try me on the oral contraceptives pills . I've googled them two of them do not seem to be the best at all and the other has so many side effects.

I used to be on the depo but came off as it made me put weight on.

I am dairy intolerant but still get such bad spots and rash type on my face. I've read somewhere that endometriosis can cause bad skin too.

So other yay this sucks moment.

I've tried to explain this to my manager as some days I can barely stand up straight how am I meant to drive to work...

Any answers would be great, don't really know what to do.

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I also get pain in stomach when I pass stools. I also have pain when passing wind in stomach, it's very painful.


Which side is the pain?


Right side


Right side under ribs is gallbladder. If the pain is really obscence and won't be relieved by anything then push for a scan.

It might of course be bowel related too. Either way just keep pushing for tests.

Try and pinpoint if certain foods trigger an attack. If it is gallbladder then usually fatty foods are the trigger.

Hope that helps.



Cycling today up many hills was very painful most of the time I was pushing my ribs in as it felt better. Try not to take in deep breaths. Laying on my right side now it's unbearable to do so. Feels like they are all cracked. Which they aren't.


Hmm I get bad acne too it’s like itchies and next min hurts, do you get that miss lloyd?


Oh really. No mine doesn't hurt face itches and rashes. Gets hot flushes too


Have you tried ranitidine or Omeprazole. It could be a gastro side effect. I would reccomend trying those on top of pain meds


I've taken both ranitidine and Omeprazole because I have a history of stomach ulcer (from years of popping pain meds without knowing there was an underlying issue to my chronic pain).

Both of those work to reduce acid in the stomach and are used to treat acid reflux and stomach ulcer. I don't know how useful they would be for bowel issues or gall bladder issues as I have had both and neither of those meds treated that.

With regards to those, I had my gall bladder removed ten years ago this summer. By the time I had it out, I had full blown gall bladder pancreatitis - your gall bladder and pancreas share a duct into the stomach. This is located just in the soft spot in the V between your front ribs. When a stone passes through that duct, it can hurt like hell, as well as cause you to vomit for a few hours with about 30 seconds warning... my actual gall bladder wasn't what hurt. It was the stones passing that caused severe pain. Eventually, as I didn't go to a doctor, the stones got so big that they blocked the duct, causing the pancreas to back up with the fluids it makes and it almost exploded inside me - that was, without a doubt, the most excruciating pain I have ever had, but it was on the left front side of my ribs, just next to that soft spot V.

From how my body reacted to a malfunctioning gall bladder, it was the stones that hurt, not the gall bladder itself. From my experience only (I'm so not a professional), I wouldn't think that what you described is necessarily an indication of your gall bladder going wrong.

Mention it to your GP next time you see them for sure though. They can do an ultra sound to look for gall stones easily.

As for bowel issues, neither of the medicines mentioned above will help that. Since my gall bladder was removed (gall bladders store your stomach acid essentially), I have had constant bowel issues as my system is now just flooded with all the acid my system makes instead of having a reservoir for storage. There are medications called bile salt binders that can help with that sort of issue, but those would be prescribed by a gaestro specialist.

I'd say your best bet is to talk to your GP before you worry yourself sick about what it could be. If it is your gall bladder, you'd most likely be having other issues aside from a sore spot to the right of the V in your ribs. Again, this is only from my personal experience - it could be different for everyone.

Have a chat with your GP. Best of luck!


Hey wow you have certainly been through it.

I had an ultrasound and they found alot of fluid on the scan around my ovaries stomach area. This however wasn't sent to the gynogeoist so he had no idea. And I have a terrible memory I forgot to mention it.

The pain is more on the side of my ribs down near the bottom of it front side too. Especially when breathing in laughing hard and jumping up and down exercises.

I am dairy intolerant too cannot eat anything that contains yeast.


It’s just that when I spoke to my doctor about the rib pain they said that in general that’s related to stomach acid


Really? Stomach acid. It feels like I've broken them.


I'm still waiting for my diagnostic lap so I don't have any rock solid info, but I have read about women who have had Endo spread to their ribs, as creepy as that sounds.

Since my situation has gotten worse, I've stared to have two very specific spots of pain on the back of my ribs, one on each side. When the pain flairs up, it's absolutely awful. Inhaling to breathe hurts so much that it feels like I can barely breathe. I have wondered if it could be freak nodules of Endo that have moved up, but I have zero idea if that is possible really.

Your gall bladder is up higher, just under the bottom of your right breast, next to the soft spot V at the front of your ribs so if the pain is lower, it isn't that.

I started to keep a daily pain diary (a notepad file on my phone since I always have it with me) and I've shared it with my doctors so they can see exactly what pains I'm having and when through the month - you'd be amazed how quickly a pattern becomes noticeable from month to month. Maybe try that if you're not already doing it? That way, you'll have something concrete to show your gp as to what each day is like for you.

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I had a constant sharp pain under ribs before my lap a few months ago and took omeprazole and it seemed to do the trick

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I have had these symptoms but a little milder and more intermittant than you describe. But they only came on since developing a nasty case of reflux esophagitis / GERD 8 weeks after my major excision surgery op and having to go on ppi meds. I've just had an ultrasound for gallbladder blood tests for minerals ( magnesium, vit d , b12, zinc) and also bloods done for appendix and pancreas and coeliac.

All are clear, bar low vit d, just waiting on the coeliac test. I too wondered about adhesions or diaphragm Endo but I've heard it's very rare.

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Does anyone else have pain when they have sex with their partner? I have had pain since my teens. I'm now 26. Also I don't think I am fertile as I used to have unprotected sex and not once get pregnant and now my ex has two kids.


Sounds like u have a inflammation on stomach or pancreas. Try peppermint oil, beladona for pain and cramp, fennel tea for inflammation and spasms. A lot of woman with Endo suffer with digestive issues with gluten and lactose .

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