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Chest and rib pain

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Anyone else get really severe chest and rib pain? Always painful but more around periods. Been to the emergency department countless times only to be told it’s nothing😞and that i’m “too young” to be having a heart attack or stroke so why am I there. Chest X-rays come back clear but it feels like broken ribs and a heart attack😩

Don’t know if it’s all part of endo

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You’re not mad. It’s a thing ! One of my symptoms in 20-30’s was nasty intercostal rib pain and tightness in chest. It’s taken me til my 50’s to work out why ! The diaphragm is attached to some of the hip / leg muscles ( ie psoas) and when the pressure in my pelvis from all the congestion/ adhesions especially around periods would start “pulling “ on the diaphragm and the chest muscles. Hence the pain. Dr Angie Muller( @corerecoverypt) explains the relationship really well and it’s been a helpful resource for me (and stopped the pain ). M

Thank you so much for taking out the time to reply to me🙌🏼❤️That does make sense thank you!! Do you have any tips on how to ease it or what helps💕

I’m using hot water bottles xx

Also where is it that I can read up on his explanation? thank you x

I’ll DM

I have this I think its diaphramic endo. Going to get checked out at the end of this month it's horrible.

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😩something at the back of my mind keeps telling me it could be thatJust waiting on a laparoscopy hopefully have a better idea on whats going on then

Hope it goes as well as it can with you💕

I'm so sorry you're going through this and have no answers. I have pain in ribs but it took me ages to realise it was cyclic, worse at period and ovulation. I'd had an x-ray (clear) before and it had been put down to costochondritis despite the GP saying it's not really in the right place for that. Endo expert has said possibly endo on ribs. I'm currently on decapeptyl and the first month increases all symptoms, the low rib pains were so magnified that I feel like it's absolutely got to be endo related, rather than whatever mystery causes had been suggested. I'm currently waiting on a long waiting list for a lap!

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Thank you! Yess me too there gave that same condition name I think just to shut me up and get me to leave the hospital🙄

All the best i hope the appointments come through quickly i’m just waiting now too x

Yes chest and rib pain can definitely be endometriosis. The symptoms are usually very cyclical. All my pain is right sided so clearly not heart related but was endometriosis on diaphragm. If you Google symptoms of endometriosis on the diaphragm, it'll describe it very well. Hope you get answers and help. xx

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Thank you so much! Can this be found through the laparoscopy? IF there is endometriosis on your diaphragm x

Thank you xx

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Dogmad6 in reply to Saf1Saf1

Yes but they have to look for it. Make sure you ask them to check. x

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Saf1Saf1 in reply to Dogmad6

I will do thank you for that xx

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Dogmad6 in reply to Saf1Saf1

You're very welcome and good luck with it all xx

Hi Saf1Saf1,I get similar pains too. Went to A&E thinking I had a DVT or a heart attack.

Being on Cerelle helped but the weight gain wasn't worth it for me.

I'm on naproxen now for other reasons and that's keeping the pain at bay.

Hope you find some relief.

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Saf1Saf1 in reply to Wylde1

Thank you I got given naproxen too but it was making me feel very sick and constipated!

I’ll try something else tho thanks xx

There was a news report recently that women who have endo are more likely to suffer asthma and allergies. There is an abnormally high pollen count this year. It is quite likely that you had asthma - described in the reports as feeling like a steel band tightening around the rib cage. See if you can get some allergy tests done. If the GP won't do them, you can get them done at some Superdrug branches.

That’s quite interesting to hear. Thanks for sharingI had allergy tests done n everything came back clear x

I think it can depend on where you have them done as to accuracy.

Ah okay which one is the most accurate one? x

I fouund Superdrug very good. I think the pin prick are the most accurate. Try getting them done on the NHS from the GP or get a referral to an NHS allergy clinic. Otherwise, there are loads of private clinics. The GP just happened to mention that some sources were not accurate.

Ooh okay yes thanks I did get mine done through the GP wasn’t sure if you meant that theirs is inaccurate

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