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Awful Gynecologist Appointment

Hi everyone,

After finally being referred in June by my GP, I had my eagerly awaited appointment with the Gynecologist on Thursday - what a disappointment! I have never ever cried in public like that before!

We sat down in the room and did introductions etc and before even asking how I suffer etc her first question was 'will you have the coil fitted?'. No I answered. She then asked if I would go back on the pill, to this I answered I would rather not (have yet to find a pill that agrees with me). Following this she asked me a lot of questions but what she was writing down was different to what I was saying! She kept focusing on the time during my period, I tried stressing to her that whilst I do have painful periods, it is the pain I suffer at the time of ovulation that worries me most. She couldn't care less and didn't even ask me about it!

Following this she said she would like to examine me so we went into a side room. As I undressed she went and fetched the nurse. As she came back into the room with the nurse she suddenly said 'What do you expect from us if you are going to refuse everything offered to you?' I was completely gobsmacked and just replied 'I just want to know what is wrong with me and why I suffer so much pain' and at this point I started crying (wimp!). She performed a smear and an internal examination during which she claimed I was constipated (I'm pretty certain I wasn't but hey ho she's the specialist!)

We went back into the office room and she went to consult with another gynecologist. At this point I started crying again after seeing my bf!

She then came back in and said whilst I do have some symptoms of Endo I don't have them all and all previous scans had come back clear (I have only had 1 previous ultrasound back in March!). She has said that before putting my through and operation she wants me to prove that it is a gynecological problems and I'm not just constipated all the time! To this I was furious, she had already acknowledged that I have to take codeine to help manage my pain and side effect of codeine is constipation. I am therefore stuck on Cerazette (mini pill) for 6 months continuously and if my pain stops during this 6 months then it is likely that I do have Endo.

I have never been so disappointed and deflated in my life! I was not informed about anything, I was not guided on ways to help control my pain and I was not given any other option.

I should say that I am only 22 therefore have never had a smear or internal examination before, it is hard enough facing the prospect of suffering Endo let alone being treat like an idiot by this god awful woman!

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Shame poor you. I would call your gp and explain how the appointment went she if there is anything she can do maybe change your consultant at gynaecology Hun, x


I was eventually diagnosed at 22 after 10 years of problems, but not until my second lap because of clueless gynaes like this.

If you had endo, your scans show it. The pill rarely makes Endo pain stop completely because there is disease and scar tissue in your pelvis. No pill has ever made my pain stop.

I wouldn't trust this woman to do a laparoscopy on me, she doesn't know what she is doing. I would go to your GP, take a witness, explain what happened and that she clearly doesn't understand the disease you probably have. Ask for a referral to a specialist.

I didn't get my diagnosis until I'd seen four gynaes, and then it was sort of by accident (an emergency lap done after my 10th emergency admit to hospital for pain). The gynae I saw afterwards was equally clueless so I got referred to the John Radcliffe in Oxford where they are wonderful. I ended up paying for a private appointment and then getting put on to their NHS list which meant I got seen within a week.

Don't take any crap - keep pushing.


Hi Katie

I'm so sorry you had such an awful appointment - I read your note and just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

I had a similar experience where I saw a gynaecologist with suspected endometriosis. She didn't listen to anything I was saying, asked to examine my tummy. She felt it, poked it around a little and said 'well I can't see anything' and said 'see how you go. You're on the pill anyway.' She made me feel like it was all in my head and I was just another girl who couldn't deal with a painful period!

I too left my appointment in tears of frustration and feeling so deflated. I left it another year (because I started to wonder if maybe it was all in my head!) until I couldn't cope with the pain any more and paid to see a private endo specialist. He suspected endo and luckily I got referred back to him on the NHS for my lap - where he did find lots of endo and removed all he could see.

My point is, trust your instincts, if you feel like something is not quite right keep pushing. You know your body and unfortunately it can be such a battle to be listened to, but like one of the other ladies said, try and push to see a different doctor - sometimes you can find online doctors at your local hospital and what they specialise in.

Good luck, keep going back until you get some answers. xxx


If you ever see her again get out your phone and put it on record. How old is this woman??? Sounds very unsympathetic- probably doesnt have endometriosis.


Thank god this women has chosen not to go ahead with the proper procedure of diagnosing endo. Imaging what she would be like operating on you if she is that unprofessional and clueless.

I have pain every day of the week. I have the coil so I do not get periods which probably helps but it doesn't stop me living a life of constant pain. So her information is fales. The pill can help people but if you are already bad then the only treatment is getting the endo removed.

My understanding is, endo does not show on a scan. Some cysts may show on a scan but most endo is hidden in areas that cannot be seen. the only possible way to know is by putting a camera in. A lot of Drs like to try the pill and coil first as any surgery is avoided if possible now. If your pain isn't controlling your life then I would give it a try while you wait for a new gynae appointment. It will be an advantage to say you have tried it.

Iv hear going private is much better to get a diagnosis so if you can afford to do this then maybe it should be something to consider.

If not, then go to your Dr and tell them you need an other opinion because you were treated unprofessionally by the last one and now you do not trust her.

If your in England you are entitled to ask for a certain gynae so look up your nearest specialist and try to get a referral to them. Search for lindle on here, she had a post telling you how.

Try and keep your chin up and be strong. For a lot of us, we have to fight for proper help and it takes a long time.

I have been in pain for 9 months now and still not getting any help or treatment.

Good luck and message me if you need a good moan. It help 😁



Oh how awful for you. Please take everyone's advice and go back to your gp but go arme!


Sorry pressed send early. Was saying go armed and please take the advice of Sam341 and look at lindle's posts. I am so glad I did and only wish I'd known what I know now years ago. Best of luck x


She sounded awful! Having said that the pill is always the first port of call I think. I believe the only way to diagnose Endo for sure is surgery. I really wouldn't recommend that until you have tried all the options.good luck


Wow........ I have just been diagnosed with endo less than two weeks ago during a laparoscopic surgery. I was covered with only my ovaries being free from it. I never showed any menstrual signs until 4 months ago. However, my bowels went first. It was that bad they were convinced I had ibd......then found nothing during my colonoscopy. I had these symptoms for over 2 years.

I eventually got sent to a gynecologist after I started spotting during sex. I went in and he said I showed SOME signs of endometriosis. So he put me in for the surgery but explained "I might just have bad periods". However, he spoke of putting me on hormone contraception as I had the copper coil. I said "no" as none agreed with me. He said once the endo is removed it was advised to be put on something to help keep it away, the hormone coil. I said yes only if I had it. Although he did say it's the best option for people like me. Who are hormone sensitive as it just effects that general area. However, he never tried to put me on it before "my diagnosis". I reckon you need to ask to be moved as you are not comfortable with your gynecologist. Good luck x


Oh and they never done any ultrasound scans on me as the only way to diagnose endometriosis is a laparoscopic surgery!


Thank you for all your lovely comments, I have come to terms a bit more with what she said. I have already expressed my concerns to my GP, however, for now I have decided to try the pill and hopefully have 6 months pain free which I am sort of looking forward to! It is so bloody frustrating though as once the 6 months is up it will be 2 years since I first when to the doctor about this problem!

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