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Bowel resection

I had a total hysterectomy and bowel resection 6months ago laparoscopically and was back at work after 4 weeks feeling great. Whilst I still feel great without endometriosis in my life my bowel isn't happy. I was warned I may experience urgency after the op but I haven't, in fact more the opposite. Without going in to too much graphic detail I Just wondered if anyone else has experienced difficulty after this type of surgery? I am being referred back to the bowel surgeon.

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Hi - can I ask what the hysterectomy was for and I assume you retained your ovaries? Also was all the endo excised and was it endo affecting your bowel that gave rise to the resection? I can't advise specifically what to expect after a resection but would imagine your bowel may be sluggish for a while. Perhaps others can comment on their experience.

Are you in England because if so this will have been done in a BSGE centre and you will have had your 3 month review with the surgeon and should have the 6 month review at the endo centre with the nurse? They are required to follow through any complications as appropriate. If you are not in England the follow up may be different.


Hi the hysterectomy was done because of stage 4 and adenomyosis after attempts to relieve symptoms but everything was rather complicated with bowel implication. 2 surgeons performed op and I had a total resection as endo had penetrated bowel (was told too much longer I would have had an obstruction) it was my choice to have hysterectomy as so tired of dealing with it all for so long. I was advised to remove ovaries. I have been followed up very frequently and will continue to be so.

I feel great except for bowel discomfort.


Hi - it is just that if you are in England this surgery must be done in a BSGE centre with the data from your surgery recorded on the national database for auditing purposes and you must be followed up according to the contract with quality of life questionnaires sent periodically for two years. But I assume this must have been done in a centre as the gynaecologist would be aware of the requirements of the contract:



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