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Amazing, informative, educational book on endometriosis "The endo Patient's Survival Guide"

I have mentioned this book in a few of my posts on here already, I thought I would do a proper thread about it. :-)

Endometriosis can be so confusing, it can be really hard to get your head around it all. There are also so many myths surrounding the disease, which are perpetuated by many places, including by Doctors who are not up to date on the research, and sadly unknowingly by other women - as they are being told the wrong thing by their Doctors. Because of this it's really important that we gain knowledge ourselves, so that we can take charge of our own destiny, and advocate for ourselves to get the best care.

This new book is just perfect for that, whether you are newly diagnosed or have had endo for years, everyone can learn an awful lot from it. It's quite quirky and fun so really easy to digest, but it's full of up to date information on all aspects of endo. It explains everything incredibly well, including with visuals - the difference in the surgical techniques, and why endo should always be excised (cut out) during surgery not burnt - it's vital we all understand this.

It was written by Dr Andrew Cook, Libby Hopton * & Danielle Cook.

It is already out now, although it's not available to buy in the UK yet. It can be ordered from amazon.com (you can also preview some of it here) amazon.com/Endo-Patients-Su... or bookdepository.com/Endo-Pat... with free Worldwide delivery.

Hope it's ok to post this. I am just so impressed with it, and want other women to be as informed as possible - this book really helps.

* Dr Cook and Libby Hopton were also part of the Guardian endometriosis features this week:


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Why must endo be cut out and not burned I'm sure on both occasions mine has been burnt out, feeling a little worried 😕 x


Hello, sorry I wasn't meaning to worry anyone. Unfortunately burning endo can be ineffective at completely eradicating the disease, some studies have shown that is the case 80-90% of the time. Its like only taking the tip off the iceberg, so most of the disease is left under the surface, and symptoms inevitably recur. Treating Endo this way means that sadly, many women are having regular repeat ineffective surgeries. Excising endo which just means cutting it out, gives the best chance of long term or permanent relief.

If you have not had relief from the treatment you have had so far, or the symptoms return at some point. Please make sure if you decide to have surgery you ask to be referred to an Endo specialist off the BSGE list on the NHS, do your research first though as some are better than others.





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