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Could it be endo?

I remember having horrible periods (passing out because of feeling light headed/heavy bleeding and horrid cramps) when I first states getting them. This wasn't always awful but the bleeding was always fairly heavy. I went on the pill at 16 and everything was then very nice predictable and pleasent for many years. At age 24 I started to get breakthrough bleeding and blood tinged discharge. All tests came back normal including smear so was attributed to my pill and was told nothing to worry about it happens. Decided I'd been on the pill a long time and quit it at the start of this year in January just after my 25th birthday. My periods have been nuts ever since. I get bloody discharge before I start my period now followed by scanty coffee ground looking dark blood for 2-3 days followed by normal looking red bleeding for 3 or so days followed by more scanty dark bleeding for 2 or 3 days. I'm crampy but I'm not passing out or bleeding heavily like I did as a teen. Additional info about me: I was diagnosed IBS - C and have troubles with constipation which is worse around my period, I am B12 deficient, I'm getting quite bad PMS now and fairly moody around time of the month. I experience some pain or discomfit during sex (but have bladder issues - long history of very bad UTI's which I attributed to this). Could this be a sign of endo? My GP just sent me for another pelvic scan again last week but it's all clear. I'm wondering if my pill had been masking the problem for many years and if I'd be better going back on it. I'm due to see her next week should I share my concerns? She's said it could be normal but I don't see how it is it seems so very abnormal!

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Hi. Yes it's quite possible that you have endo. Mine was masked by years of being on the pill too. I have spotting (pink/red/brown) for about 3-5 days before my period starts and for about 3 days afterwards too. I was also diagnosed with IBS a few years ago but now know that I have severe endo on my bowel and am awaiting a bowel resection.

Maybe it might be a good idea to get your GP to refer you to a specialist at a BSGE centre. Have a look at the BSGE website to see which one you want to go to. Just to warn you though, many GPs don't know about these centres so print off the list and take it with you when you ask for the referral.

Hope you get a diagnosis soon. Good luck. X


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