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My wife was diagnosed with Endometriosis around 5 years ago. She has been on pretty much all forms of treatments, varieties of combined pill, mini pill, monthly gnrh injection, merina coil and has had 2 laparoscopies. Although most of the treatments have led to some minimal reduction of pain, the laparoscopy really do reduce the pain if successful, no suggested medicine has led to a long term solution into excruciating pain each month. In Our last consultation with the specialist, we were considering the removal of ovaries and early menopause. It felt like as in most forms of treatment we were being offered were treating the symptoms and not the cause. We have read a lot about this and combined pills are a whole separate topic. I don't like them.

We recently tried a new approach to completely stop all forms of prescribed medicine and speak to a professional Chinese medicine practitioner. I myself was sceptical, but having read how they approach treatment, especially their knowledge on blood flow, gave it a go.

We're now about 4 months into the treatment, a tea drunk in morning and evenings, the result is my wife is experiencing the most pain free period of her life. She is now able to exercise regularly and is training for a 12 km run in November. Different treatments work for different people, but this is the only treatment my wife has actually seen an immediate difference with, aside from surgery.

I really do recommend that if you are jumping from treatment to treatment with no relief to try it. Try to find a recommended practitioner, they will also be very aware of endometriosis. Excericse and diet always helps as well, but usually it's not possible when endo is in the way.

Good luck everyone. if anyone else has tried this treatment and can validate this post it would be really helpful, it's not a fake post or anything, it's a real life story.

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