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End of tether

Had a lap nearly a year ago and diagnosed with stage 3 endo and a chocolate cyst. Left side of womb stuck down. So roll on a year and a mirena later, followed by double the normal dose of cerelle mini pill and I'm still bleeding!! The pain is till there too. Makes me feel sick most days. Would appreciate any advice. I have to say am seeing my consultant every 3 months and feel he is good. Just feel today it's a little too much! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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Sorry to hear of you're pain Miss_ED =[

I have no advice unfortunately, just wanted to say something as i know how crap you feel when the tough is rough.

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Thank you. I appreciate that. I think that's the crunch really- we all know there's no quick fix cure. But some days we'd give anything to find one. A message like yours on a day like mine does make all the difference!


Have you ever tried changing up your diet instead of chemical options?

There are a lot of studies on gluten, sugar and red meats and dairy making endometriosis worse!

I hope your pain gets better :( But changing what I eat has certainly improved my symptoms! xxx


Hi I'm charlene iv had problems for over 18 yrs , I would serially push for norethisterone it stops the bleeding and quite a good amount of pain to iv been on it 3 yrs I'm on other treatment due to how bad my situation is I'm on zodiac which is for men with cancer on there balls lol so it stops me from making any eggs which help even more with the pain it's a blessing. But if ur still looking to have children that's not a good option for u. Ask and c how things work out for u first the tablet I said it a God send but if ur done having children zodiac is greater I hope it's helped and good luck xxx

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