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Wits end

Evening all.

I'm new here so I'm sorry if I'm posting something that's been posted before.

After years of pain, heavy periods, aches and really bad PMT I was finally diagnosed with endo about five years ago after scans and internal examinations.  I was operated on and was ok for a couple of years. Then the symptoms returned and only after breaking down in the GPs room did they do the same again.

Just less than two years ago I started a new job but have had time off sick as my symptoms haven't improved. I'm tired, run down, back ache, stomach ache, pick up every could/bug going etc etc. Now I don't know what to do. My boss has called me in for a meeting about my sickness next week.

The Dr hasn't prescribed me anything but I feel all these symptoms are linked to endo and to the cyst I also had removed during my first op.  I struggle almost daily. I'm sick of going to the doctor and begging, telling them I feel like rubbish. Please help!

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This sounds awful and reminds me of my life before I met my specialist. There are many options for managing endo. I recommend asking your GP to refer you to a specialist ASAP. Endo is symptom led so you can manage what you are experiencing if you have a good troop around you. I recommend a good specialist, yoga teacher, friend to talk to, foodie and people who know how to have fun. Good luck getting the help you need. 


Hi, ask your gp for a refferal to a bsge centre as the best treatment can only be obtained by a specialist in endo, xxx


I'd tell your employer during your meeting about your condition. In all honesty it's a female condition, so a bit like discriminating during pregnancy, they can't discriminate against you for a female disease. That said you do have to show you're taking the necessary steps to help yourself (easier said than done I know!!)  anyway the things I find helpful Are: a good iron supplement,  vitamin B12 boost spray, vitamin D, paracetamol don't touch my pain but I was heavily reliant on prescription strength codeine so I've spent the past month going cold turkey and just trying to cope with taking plain paracetamol. Try to rest (again easier said than done, I've got 4 kids and a full time job so always on the go). Take any letters, prescriptions etc to the meeting and above all go in with a positive mind, be polite, calm etc, it's pointless going in all guns blazing as this will antagonise the situation. Good luck 🍀  let me know how you get on x


Thanks all.  The local doctors haven't prescribed me anything and I'm in constant pain. I'll be going back but won't have a chance to before Tuesday's meeting thanks to bank holidays and weekends in between.

I've found over here they operate on you, then expect everything to be ok. It's a daily struggle with no help or back up. Sadly it's not a case of getting help, it's a case of learning to live with it.


So I had my meeting today. 

I'm not sure of the outcome yet but sounds like I will be referred to the company doctor and possibly get some kind of warning (I'm yet to work out if this is legal or not).

However, I'm on day two of the worst stomach pain I've had for some time so will be back to the doctor tomorrow if there's no improvement.

I really don't know how to feel of I'm signed off or referred to the specialist again.  I can't carry on being sick from work but I can't carry on feeling like this either!


Hi Hun can you not ask your doctor to write a letter explaining things. There's a lady on here who works in hr and deals with employment rights, I'll try and find her name and get back to you. She maybe able to help

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Thank you. It's a bit different here, I'm not on mainland UK so the law is different I believe.

However, I don't know this forum well yet, I'm new but I've there is a private message function I can give her more details like that.

Thank you.


Hi Hun I can remember the ladies name but if you do a post asking if anyone knows about employment rights regarding endo she might respond.

 But I would definitely get a letter from your GP or specialist, it can't do any harm.

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So I visited my gp today who has passed my case on to a specialist, sounds like I'll be back under the knife again in 4-6 weeks.

He's prescribed me naproxen, any thoughts on this? 

I told him about being summoned into the office at work as there's days I can barley stand, get out of bed etc so have had to have a fair few days off. He said other than signing me off long term (until I've recovered from the latest op) then there is nothing else that can be done.

W will see how this goes.


So the specialist has now contacted me and he's decided it's not an important opp so have to wait another two weeks for a consultation with him and he will then decide if I even need an operation. I'm a bit upset seeing as the GP said it would be a much quicker process!

On the up side I've had almost a whole week with minimum pain!


Hi all. So in the last coup,e of weeks I've had a verbal warning from work about my sickness record due to my endo.

Tomorrow in (finally) my meeting with my specialist to see what's next for me. The only good thing is I've had minimal pain for the last two weeks. I'm curious about tomorrow.


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