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Endo flare up again? I hope not!!

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Endo. I had helica treatment and a lot of hormonal treatments which unfortunately didn't work. In July 2014 I then had an excision and the mirena coil inserted. Since the beginning of September I have been suffering with low moods, tiredness and no energy and on off stomach pains with struggles to open my bowels. My period has been regular and light with no pain for the last few months and my period has now come a week early and I am in a lot of pain (mainly on my right side of my back, which I suffered with before) and I feel very weak as am losing a lot of blood.

I am worried that my endo has flared up again and wondered if anyone else has suffered with this as I only had my opeartion a year ago and worried that it's not been a long time at all? I also don't want to go back onto the hormonal treatments they provided before as they made me feel worse and didn't work.

Thank you,


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My surgery lasted a year before mine starting returning. All I can suggest is to get straight back in touch with your consultant and see what the opinions are , they may be able to prescribe something different to slower the process x your not alone, this is very common after surgery, they do say the average time is 2 years tho x good luck.


Thank you for your reply.

I thought that surgery would ease symptoms and flare ups for 5 - 10 years, apparently I was wrong hehe.

I went to the doctors today and she has referred me back to the specialist and given me painkillers for when I am suffering. I'm just scared because I really don't want to go through it all again :(.

What happened to you when it flared up again?



I know how hard it is just thinking of starting over again, and all the appointments , waiting lists and false hope you receive. Mine came back suddenly it was bearable for months then a couple of weeks before I was due my period I started having intense pain. Everyone is different though. I think sometimes you reach a point that you almost think this is your life from now on x its extremely hard in everyday life though being able to express how u feel with people that have no idea how much pain and hurt endo can cause x


I know I'm just dreading what they're going to do. I don't want to go back on hormonal treatment cause that made me feel like a zombie!

I must admit my team at work are really good at understanding but obviously there are some people who talk behind my back and say silly things like "she's off because of a period".

What did the doctors do for you when it flared up again?




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