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Advice on Danazol

Hi Ladies,

I was recently prescribed Danazol to take for my endometriosis. I have been on it for two weeks now and have experienced awful side effects. I am waiting for my gynae to call me back regarding other treatments. I am just wondering if anyone has tried Danazol and if you suffered any side effects. Previous to this i was on synarel and livial and i didn't agree with this either. Among other treatments that i have tried before this with different pills etc. Feeling a little bit down and like nothing is working.



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Hi - I just looked through your posts and a year or so ago it was suggested you get a referral to a specialist endo centre. You listed the symptoms and they were all suggestive of deep rectovaginal endo that no hormone medication is likely to help with and is likely to have been missed in general gynaecology. Have you been seen in a specialist centre yet?


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