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Endometriosis pain and Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Hi all,

I have suffered with Endometriosis for years, first got diagnosed in 2011 while having diagnostic Laparoscopy surgery. They found it present and pretty bad so removed what they could. It had caused my left ovary to sick down and also made my bowel and outer womb wall fuse together so they had to release them. It was also found and removed from many other organs.

After having surgeries and it still coming back so soon after the dr's tried to controlled it with all types of contraception and strong painkillers. I have tried so many, some I had allergic reactions to and others made my pains alot worse. The painkillers were not helping I still had pain but just felt drowsy from the strong painkillers. I have since stopped all medication and contraception (pills,patches,implants,coils...just using condoms).

I decided to research if there are any herbal things to help. I found that with a healthy diet and mild exercise it can help a little but was still there. I kept searching the Internet and came across someone who tried Raspberry Leaf Tea and said it helped her. I immediately went to Tesco and bought Clipper Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea (you can get just the actual leafs and boil and make a tea but I prefer the taste of clipper). I had one cup a day every day and my pains reduced dramatically. It did not completely take it away but I was able to go about my daily activities without being in tremendous pain. It's was only slight pains which were nothing compared to what I was having.

After a few months of not much pain I thought I would have a break to see if it actually was that which was helping me. I stopped having the one cup of each day for a week. At the end of the week my pains come back and got stronger day by day. I started taking the tea again and it was definitely that which has been helping me.

It does not completely take it away, but it feels so much better than without having it. You can even get it in capsules in case you are not a big tea drinker or if you are unable to have it in tea formula.

I would highly recommend anyone who suffers with bad endo pains to try this out, I wish I knew about it a long time ago, but glad I now know. I won't stop researching for herbal ways to help/stop pain. If I find any other things I will write another post.

Good Luck and I hope this helps you.

Tamara x

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Thankyou for sharing this I certainly will be trying it even it helps a little

Thanks again

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All the best with it. Please let me know how you get on.

I really hope it helps how it has helped me



Thanks for sharing I might just give this a try x

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Hope it helps yous

All the best



Taking Triphala and using progesterone cream keeps endometriosis at bay. You have to thicken your uterus lining. I had larparoscopy at 25, I'm 42 now no more surgeries.


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