Endometriosis Pain

Im so happy I found this page!!

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis back in October. I've tried heat (hot water bottle) normal over the counter painkillers (can't take ibuprofen as I have inflammation on the lining on my stomach) the doctor has gave me strong Co-Codamol but I only like taking them of a night time as I have a 5 year old and they make me sleepy. I only have stage 1 but the pains are awful some days I can't get out of bed with it. Does anyone have any other pain relief ideas I could try? Something that works for you without taking sleepy meds. I know light exercise can help, I joined the gym and I'm also a student nurse so always on the go, doesn't seem to help though. Thanks 💋

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  • I was on Naproxen 500 mg for 5 months and sometimes took Tylenol with it, I had a reaction to tramadol so I'm not allowed narcotics.

    There's video online for how to apply physio therapy tape, all brands work the same, you can find it at a medical equipment store. Google physio tape for menstraul pain, it's really helped me, it may work for you, you can probably find studies online too that explain how it works. I would add a link to a study but I'm unsure if the staff would remove it like they did with the video.

    I am not advertising the tape, it is your option to use it, just like the yoga poses and eating a low estrogen diet. After all we are just all ladies who are in this fight together trying to find things that work for one another.

    Also do not do any core exercises or lift weights. Instead try yoga.

    Also eat antinflamatory foods, when you eat high estrogen foods eat something to counteract the transformation of photoestrins such as mushrooms or broccoli.

  • Hi Hannah, thank you so much for your reply! I will certainly try this video. I also have some naproxen left from when I had a pinched nerve in my neck might get that too. Thanks again 💋

  • Dear HayleyLouise23

    Take a look at our treatment pack. It lists different things to try.


    I hope you find something that works for you.


    Endometriosis UK

  • Thank you Louise, I'll take a look now 😊

  • I use mefenamic acid, diclofenac and co-codamol in combination. I've also got tramadol and dihydrocodeine. The diclofenac is an NSAID like ibuprofen but I have suppositories as well as tablets and they are fantastic - I don't know if they would be suitable but it might be worth asking your GP.

  • Thank you! I'll speak to my GP and see what he can recommend too just thought I'd ask the people who understand the pain more first 💋

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