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Advise would be greatly appreciated. Worried about being sacked?!?

Hi guys,

Really looking for some advise.

I have suffered from endo for approx 9 years.

My employer hasn't been brilliant and I don't know what to do.

I was on a stage 2 for sickness, which ended towards end of August 2015, I then have been off work sick..I had a week self certified and hospital signed me off for at least another week.

I was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago where an ultra sound was done and it was discovered, that as well as endo playing up, I have a fluid build up, they think I have had a ruptured cyst and my right ovary is also polycystic and right ovary is also attached to my womb, I have been told I need another surgery. I was waiting for another surgery for endometriosis, and they have said they hope to get surgery done sooner rather than later. I really don't know where I stand with my employer...previously when I was put on a stage 2, I was allowed to swap my working days when pain was too much, employer then called me into another meeting and decided that I could no longer swap my hours, as they said it had happened too much... And no other reasonable adjustment offered. I was sent to see occ health AGAIN, who wrote in letter to employer that I am likely to have further time off sick due to this condition.

I have been told that my department manager wants to see my hospital discharge papers...can they do this?! I have sick certificates stating I'm unfit for work.

Am also feeling quite victimised as know of someone else in my department who had 40 plus days off, for surgery for an ongoing problem which had caused them to have a lot of sickness...but this person has had their stage 1 extended 3 times...and when they had their surgery they were not asked to provide hospital papers.

And I've been called into meetings with department manager, which I was told everyone on sickness stage 1 and 2 is having to have a meeting with that manager...but as far as I'm aware I'm the only 1 who has had to attend a meeting with the department manager.

I really don't know what to do, I'm doing everything I can, and have to wait for surgery. I currently take cocodamol, tramadol, oramorph and cyclizine for the pain and sickness. I could do without this stress as it's not helping. Fell like employer is trying to force me out. And I really don't know where I stand..

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello. I was in a similar position to you when I was furst diagnosed with endo a few years back. Time off each month, hospital appointments, etc. My occ health was realky good and luckily they listened to her. She did say she was going to look in to it as she was under the assumption endo is covered by the disability discrimination act. Im sorry I dont know the out come of that but certainly something to look in too?

Id also join a union if you arent already. If you think youre being treated differently to another collegue, get them involved.

Good luck x

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Thank you for your reply. Really appreciate it.

I am in union and they have been great and have attended every meeting with me. But they have told me I can be dismissed but that if it comes to that they will seek further advise. About 5 years ago an occ health dr did say to my employer legally it may come under discrimination. So guess I will just have to wait and see xx


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