And i thought everything would be over by now!

I had my lap exactly one week ago today, the weekend i was very sore but felt great, but then monday i started getting really dizzy and having sickness, by tuesday i was being sick and all my pains were back, so i had to go to my doctor asap, who said i have a high tempature, had an allerigic reaction to something they put on my skin during surgery, and have an infection, i was given medication for it to get better, on wednesday everything felt worse, and on thursday i was at my worst! the doctor had to come out, and was told my infection had got much worse, and given me more meds, if they dont work then i need to go straught to the hopsital, today im not as dizzy but n so much pain :( im opretty devastated by it all as i thought it would be over now xx

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  • So sorry to hear that. Get better soon:)

  • hey how are you doing? are you feeling any better? have you been to the drs/or a&e?

    take care

    K x

  • Hey i went to my doctor who gave me anti biotics last tuesdaay, then on the thursday i was much worse so had to call the doctor out who said the infection had got worse so gave me 2 more anti biotics, he also felt my tummy and said it feels very 'tender' is this normal? i feel slightly better but still sore and groggy! xx

  • so do they think you have an infection in your scars? - where about are you tender and is this when they touch or when they let go (rebound tenderness) what abx are you on? are you still in a lot of pain?

    K xx

  • Well they think i have a UTI nd they said the infection is in my bladder and i have a lot of soreness by my kidneys too, as for my scars there ok but itchy, but thats a sign of good healing, i dont have infection in my scars thankfully. but i didnt have a uti or anything before i went in because they checked it all.i am quite uspet i got one through surgery, but they did say it can happen, but didnt realise theyd be this painful :(, im very sore today, and i ache alot, but when i take pain killers it eases alot, i can finally lay on my side, but only for a certain amount of time then i start to get really sore xx

  • Also the anti biotics im on is Doxycycline and metronidazle and i finished one course that was trimpathone or something along them lines x

  • metronidazole is nasty!! it will make you feel crap! stick with it tho - trimethaprine is a good one to treat uti's.

    obviously i cant see you but what you decribe sounds like its gone on for a long time. if you dont see improvement i would think of going to see your gp or a&e.

    have you got a temperature? - (sorry im going in to nurse mode- whoops!

    take care

    k x

  • lol thats ok! last time the doc checked i had a slight temp, keep burning up like crazy, i can go outside with no tshirt on and it feels like a normal day lol!!

  • hmm ok after tomorrow if you dont feel better think about seeing a dr if there not already following you up.

    k x

  • Thanks for the advice :) xx

  • hang in there sweetie xx

  • How are you LadyA? 11 days after lap hope you feeling better. x

  • hey im ok, alot of pain on my right side today, pain killers arnt touching it! and mmy back is hurting too! had the most horrible night mare last gnith, ill write another blog about that! thank you for asking xxx

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