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Too much time off work?

I have been signed off work these past two weeks with chronic pelvic pain.. I have had the pains for years and they usually come and go but at the moment its constantly there. I am due to get a laparoscopy done and have my pre op appointment on the 25th off this month.

I dont want to be off my work for too long but at the same time im still not feeling great and dont want to push myself for the pain to get worse?

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Its a hard call to make about work, either you get a doc note for a week or two or you go in and suffer, there isn't ant in-between, it would be great if the doc could give you a 2 week note but you could go in on the days that you feek ok,

good luck with you laparoscopy, if endo is found are the going to excise remove it?


Yeah i have been getting sick notes from my doctor for two weeks at a time but i feel like i should try returning to work before my lap because i will be off again for that :( it is endo that they are looking for but im not sure what there plan is if they find any.. Thanks for your help :) can i ask have you had a lap before and how long did it take you to recover afterwards?


h, no I havnt mine is in 2 weeks, suspected endo and or adenomyosis, my surgeon will excis any that is found, you should check that your surgeon is going to do this too, if not question why, because if found you might need a nother lap to excise anyway, so they nomaly go in with the intent on removal,


I will ask more at my appointment on the 25th :) thanks for your help and i hope all goes well for you x


Take the time you need hun, recovery time for lap can vary depending on if they do stuff while they are in there.

I'm currently signed off since 20th Jan. They did my lap xmas eve and I went back to work on 5th Jan. My lap was only diagnostic so im still having issues.My GP was giving me sick notes 2 weeks at a time.

However my pain is progressing and I'm not coping at work with the pain and the heavy duty painkillers. My GP asked my work to do an occupational health review which I was very worried about. However they signed me off till end of march. My GP then signed me off for a month based on that.

I believe gp can sign you off up to 3 months.



P's I'm waiting for an mri and then further surgery after that. They found endo on my bladder but didn't remove due to risky location.


Aw that sounds like a long hall, i hope everything goes okay for you with the mri and future surgery. I think i will just have to take it a step at a time really because some days im feeling okay other days i am in bed all day, my gp is really great though and sje she is super understanding so i will just keep seeing her every 2 weeks xx


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