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Constant pain don't no what to do

I've had major endo pain for years. I've had a laparoscopy which they found endo on most organs. Since then I've had a little girl by c section and have also suffered with kidney stones since my pregnancy I've had them 4 times in less than a year. I recently had a scan because my stomach is so hard and swollen and the pain is servre they found my overies stuck to my uterus to. I've tried all pain killers hot baths hormone tablets the pill literally everything the doc says she can't help me I have to wait to see consultant which isn't for another month and that's the earliest they have. I can't carry on in this pain it's not just physically affecting Me its

Mentally to I just don't no what to do.

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Hey chick I know exactly how your feeling buy please stay strong what painkillers are you on, I know it's not a great help but get some period heat packs they do help, if you start being sick with the pain or anything go to the hospital ur genea is in coz they might be able to get him to look at you or phone the gyne secutarty and try see if she can get you a cancellation just explain that your in really bad pain and you don't think you can wait to see him If they can't get you in ask for advice on what to do, hopefully they are helpful as mine, let me know how you get on hunni xxx


I get the heat pads from the 99p store in packs of 3. I buy the ones for back and shoulder pain as the period pain ones are in 2 packs! You just open them and stick them on so they are discreet. At home I use a microwaveable hottie (an Intelex brand from Amazon) as this is re-usable.


I know it's crap being like this have you rang his secretary?


I've took every pain killer going they ever get rid of the pain just make me really sleepy which is no good with a 1 year old ! I've tried the heat pads and water bottles etc and they don't do much for me either. Yes I've rang the secretary and they have nothing till the 30th😩xxx


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