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Don't know what to do?

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As I've said before I had a lap in November and they said they burnt away my endo but im still in a lot of pain and have been told it can come back this soon, well I went to doctors the other day and he laughed at me and asked if I knew the difference between six pain and endo pain did my best not to punch him!!! He reckons can't come back so soon? What can I do now? My follow up was meant to be today but hospital have moved it back to April due ' to unforseen circumstances' I can't wait till then!

6 Replies
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Sorry to hear of your rubbish treatment by your doctor. Gp,s in my opinion and I think I can speak for most of us on here really, they don't know jack all......about anything. Take no notice of him, he is talking nonsense. Get referred to a proper surgeon one who can excise (cut) it out. Laser is useless and a waste of time as it only burns the top bit off the endo lesion instead of getting to the route of it. You need it cut out thoroughly to have any sort of relief from this dreadful disease. X

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Sorry to hear of yet another ignorant GP.Do not suffer in silence, Can you go to a different GP ( if more than one ) or phone the gynaecologists secretary? The secretary is always the quickest way to get attention.Explain you are still in a lot of pain and that your Gp will not believe it is endo. Hopefully your gynae will be more knowledgeable! I would ask your gynae to see you sooner and if that fails present yourself at Gps,or A and E, until they take you seriously. My Gp, though generally sympathetic refuses to give me stronger pain relief than Tramadol/dihydrocodeine though would give me morphine ( but allergic) so I have been forced to call in out of hours doctors and be taken to A and E. Check out the endo specialist centres throughout UK. This been posted lots here. If you are in a position to travel, then ask for referral to endo specialist.

My first lap was an emergency and they just lasered it and took adhesions away. They told me I would have no bother as it was burned away.Never felt as if had healed inside and pain worsened and by a month later, was still in agony.This was 30 yrs ago - sad to think there is still such a lack of specialist knowledge.

In the meantime demand better pain relief,if what you are taking is not helping. Also see the many posts on pain relief techniques.

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Hi! Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. I can promise you that you are not going crazy. I had my 2nd laparoscopy with laser surgery on 29th October 2013 and I've been in a lot of pain since the beginning of this month. So essentially I has a couple of months with reduced pain but I'm now back to square one. I have read on some websites that laser only offers temporary relief so why it's used I don't know. I have my follow up appointment this Thursday so I'll let you know how I get on. Google your consultant and you should find an email address for his PA. Send her an email and tell her you can't wait until April. Take care x

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I had v similar symptoms, gynae was initially v smug he'd removed all the endo via ablation but then wasn't surprised when I came back with severe pain. Recommended 6 months of zoladex which ended in the summer- now back to square one. Look up endo specialists and centres and get referral. My gp said when I asked for referral to endo specialist "oh we don't have any of those" but thankfully I could say yes we do, here's his name, refer me please. He was understanding and knowledgable and now have a plan of action. Good luck xx

I just had lap surgery on January 8th to diagnose the reason for my extreme pain. Turns out I have endo and adhesions. I am about ready to start my first period after the surgery. And let me tell you, if I hadn't seen the pictures of where my ovary and tube were removed, and the burned spots of the Endo; I would NEVER have believed they did anything in there. I hurt sooooo badly. I think the pain is from all the tiny microscopic spots that they can't see yet. And I am still fighting my insurance company to try and cover the Lupron shot. :(

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Hi, what a horrible rude gp!! I had my 1st lap last may, i was still in aloy of pain after for about 3 months then i felt alot better for the following 3 months near enough back to normal, but....... as from about november time its been gradually gettng worse, every month the pain is more intence, off to see my consultant thursday for a chat, ive given up with gps they dont seem to care and sont want to say to much because the consultant is more experienced in this area. But dont wait till april if poss, call back and ask to be put of the cancalation list. Hang in there x

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