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Severe pain.. Is it a flare up? :(

I had a laparoscopy in May where endo was discovered during surgery my pelvic wall was punctured. For the first couple of months after pain was absolutely fine however last few days the pain in my abdomen is affecting everything I do i end up back in bed with a hot water bottle on, it's so bad I'm struggling to get any sleep, really want to avoid hospital if I can. I have noticed the last few days from my belly button down a red strip that is burning hot?

Really at a lose end of what to do... Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hey hun if you have a red area that is warm to touch and painful you should definitely get some medical advice to rule out infection. Hope you feel better soon xx


Hey Hunthank you for your reply, I will see if I can get myself an appointment with my GP at a real lose end what to do the pain is getting the better of me :( xx


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