Hi I was wondering If anyone can give me some advice Iv been having severe pelvic pain for months and I had a lap done in January and said I had aheadions in my pouch of Douglas and endometriosis In my womb but have been backwards and forwards to my gp as my usual pain relief isn't helping I'm getting to the stage were the doctors are just fobbing me off even tho Iv demanded them to do something as they talk to me like it's all in my head getting so fed up xx

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  • Did they remove the lesions or was it just a diagnostic laparoscopy? You can always as for a second or third opinion from a different consultant. Trying to find one who specialises in endo can be difficult but can be done. X

  • Yeah they removed them but just don't understand why I'm still In this amount of pain xx

  • What painkillers you on hunni x

  • Tramadol nefopam and paracetamol xx

  • Hi - if you had adhesions in your Pouch of Douglas (cul de sac) then you are likely to have endo beneath and may also have deep 'nodules' of endo causing pain. This is rectovaginal endo and is often missed in general gynaecology. You will need a rectovaginal examination and MRI to see what is going on and should be referred to a specialist centre.Click on my name and look at my post on POD endo and the one on how to find a specialist centre. Get back if you have any problems getting a referral. x

  • Thanks lindie I will ask ill let you know how I get on

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