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Do I have endometriosis?...

Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me... I was at gyno on Tuesday and have a laparoscopy on June to see if I have endometriosis as iv got the signs.. However looking online iv got other possible signs so I need some different opinions....

My symptoms are... A shooting burning pain occasionally in my left ovary.... Back ache (especially when I bend over and back) burning/aches in my hips... When I stand and sit down my uterus area is sore and feels tender and bruised...

Pain during deep inter course... And pain the morning after sex... Along with after a morning wee it hurts my lower abdomen when iv finished or if I cough...iv also been suffering awful ibs... Are these endo signs as I know everyone's are different... Some days I'm fine with the odd twinge and others I'm in agony.. I just want to clear my mind so I'm not worrying thanks ladies!!! <3

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All the symptoms you outlined are consistent with endo. Some people don't have all these symptoms. We can all be quite different but if you have a look around the forum and do a search top right you'll find plenty on each symptom.

As you probably know, only a lap can confirm if it is endo. Good luck. x


Thankyou Hun! Is it possible for pains to be severe one day then barely there the next?... My laparoscopy is in June so lots of worries until then lol x


Yup! Entirely possible. One day rain next day shine.

Sometimes endo pain is food related too. Certain days what you eat can exacerbate pain. Some foods are more inflammatory than others. Gluten can often be a real issue for many of us and dairy too. Some people might have no problems with certain foods though.


Oooooh that's handy to know! Well fingers crossed my laparoscopy can get rid if that's what I have! ATM I feel all bruised and tender when I sit and stand so a while left yet x


Do a search top right for 'endo diet' and google it too if you are interested in finding out more. Some women report good progress others find it doesn't help. I have found it has helped me a lot and reduced my symptoms but I don't follow it in a strict manner...life's too short!


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