Still no luck, about endometriosis

I posted on here a few weeks ago, saying I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago, my ovaries where left because of endometriosis, since then iv been suffering so much ,with bloating, pain,tiredness, iv had many ultra sounds and told nothing wrong with me and gynie consultants said was all in my head.I was told here to ask my Dr to refer me to endo specialist, I went today and asked my Dr to do this as wad same hospital that discharged me,only for the Dr to tell me not to tell her how to do her job,and will only send me back to the gynaecology. iv been in tears most of the day.

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  • Hi Hun search on here for a lady called Lindle and message her. I know she will be able to help.

    I so sorry your GP is so up herself . I would actually patina complaint to the practice manager as you have every right to be referred to a centre.

    Can I ask where you live?

  • Thank you,a friend is helping me to send a letter to the practice manager.I live in Edmonton north London, and the hospital that discharged me, has a bsge clinic .

  • Hi Hun, definitely search for Lindle though , she really can help you get that referral.

  • I will do thank you.

  • Some GOs should have their licenses removed. My GP refused to refer me as well, but I persisted, telling him that I won't leave his office until he had referred me to a BSGE centre. I had brought the details with me. I threw everything at him: the NHS contract under which only a BSGE centre can treat stage 4 endo (which I have), my right under NHS choices to pick my own consultant and in the end he relented. He did say that the BSGE might not take me, but that was utter BS and I was seen by a BSGE consultant four weeks later. I also wrote a letter to my practice manager afterwards. My practice is good in the sense that I don't have a dedicated GP, so I also told him that if he didn't give me a referral, I would just make an appointment with a different GP at the clinic until one of the GPs had referred me. Don't take this lying down, you deserve proper care.

  • I gave the Dr all I was told and what I'm going through, and she point blankly said she can't just refer me,but will send me back to the gynaecology consultant. my friend tomorrow is helping me write a letter to the practice manager.

  • Have you tried to see an ostopath fir deep tissue massage (and if it's a good one, someone to listen to you]

    Really helped me. I'm new to this page but I have to recommend that I've been juicing the last 2 and half months which has cut my sugar intake and i cut my caffeine intake. No pain... Until today after a week of sugar, caffeine and less freshly made juices.

    I'm the same as you. My pain came back after 5 years... Or rather it was much less after the initial hysterecomy. I've een yo so many doctors and gynys afterwards... No one helped till I was referred to the osteopath. The gyny I saw even gave me hormones that I'm allergic too.. Was in my file but didn't check it and I didn't know either..

    Keep pushing to find a sympathetic person to help you.

  • Thank you, will look into that

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