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Suspected endometriosis


Hi! I’m 25 and Wondering if anyone has experienced the same problems as me. Iv been back and fore the doctors with really bad abdominal pains , keep getting palmed off with different tablets and now just strong painkillers . Iv had 2 ultrasounds done to test for a cyst or endometriosis but they couldn’t see from the ultrasounds . The pain is constant and seems to be more painful when I’m on my period or when I’m ovulating,

I and my parter are trying to conceive but seems like it’s not happening as yet . The past week I have found that my back is in agony too but seems to be in the same spot at the pain in my abdomen but opposite side . I’m waiting to be seen by a gynocologist and they want to put a camera in through my belly button? Has anyone had this done also?

Be lovely to talk to someone who understands how frustrating and uncomfortable this pain is

Thanks :)

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What type of Ultrasound have you had? I'm in the same process right now

on period now :(

I find my pain is unbearable when Aunt flow arrives.

But this week my pain has been more my back and abdomen :(. Rather than just the one . Again doctors won’t do anything besides give me painkillers

Hi Winnie, Ultrasounds are not the best way to go. The camera is a procedure called a laparoscopy and it will all the doctors to have a goo look at your organs from your diaphragm down. It’s all under general anaesthetic and the after care and pain is manageable. I have had it twice and more than likely going on to my third. A tip is to have high quality peppermint tea to drink afterwards as this helps expel the gas they use during the op. Hope I have helped and good luck.

Hi all sorts 19. I am still currently waiting for an appointment for gynocologist, seems like their taking forever mind . The doctors don’t realise how much pain your actually in. I think the waiting and the not knowing is the worst tbh.

Thanks for the info. It helps talking to people who understand what your going through

I understand the pain 😩 I know what your feeling 💜

Winnie2014 in reply to Fern24

Thank you I wish the doctors would feel our pain too!

Fern24 in reply to Winnie2014


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