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Facial hair, hair loss and higher testosterone levels

Hi I am new here! 24 year old mother of one (who is now 4) went to the docs due to facial hair growth on my chin.. since then I have noticed my hair on my head is also thinning! Had some bloods done turns out my testosterone is slightly above average (2.5) currently waiting for a scan of the ovarian area. My doctor is convinced i have developed PCOS! As far as I'm aware nobody in my family suffers with this! And I had no problems conceiving my daughter when I was 20! My doctor has assured me that you can develop PCOS. Has anyone else developed PCOS? Also I have a lot of lower back pain that seems to also go down my legs, like an ache! I've read lots about endometriosis could that be causing this pain? Could I really have PCOS and endometriosis? I also think if I feel my pelvic area I can feel small lumps are these cysts?? Feedback is appreciated. Also an anxiety sufferer!

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Endometriosis can also cause infertility just the same as PCOS.

Endometriosis does cause back and leg pain however that pain is also known a scatica so it could also be related dog nerves. Unless if the pain has developed on your periods or during ovulation and then slowly lasted longer and became chronic then I wouldn't think endo.

Lumps in your abdomen need to be checked out with ultrasound, they shouldn't be ignored since they could be cysts or tumours.

Endometriosis can't be devloped; you are either born and it then 'activates' during a girls period or with it or have a csection that wants propelry cleaned up. Endometriosis is also related to levels of high estrogen not testosterone.

However endo and PCOS can be related if the endo led to a thyroid issue.



I have heard being born with endo is a possibility but I also heard that back flow menustrul blood could cause it

After any pregnancy there is a scar where the baby was attached or where it implanted

I only recently knew this

If you have ten kids you will have ten scars

I am leaning towards the theory of being born with it .

Or maybe we are born with the hormone makeup that allows us to develop it with any type of scar or abnormality

Besides I like to feel I can blame my mom for this Lol

I wonder if the mom does not ever have any problems such as mine but daughter me has it how it happens


You see the problem is all women have back flow of menstraul blood but for some odd reason women with endometriosis are effected by it with that theory in which the tissue forms afte rthe misplaced blood transforms itself into tissue.

Likewise they have found young girls with edometruim found in their body before menstruation.

When a baby develops in the womb it creates organs through cells; the cells of the uterus are called emdometruim. The problem is these cells can be misplaced and most of the time the immune system will clean them up however sometimes they're left, it won't effect the girl till she menstruates since they need to be activated. This theory was actually made when men developed endometriosis from going on estrogen therapy for cancer.

If you were born premature (like me) and had a underdeveloped uterus then that could cause it to come up too.

Also it's been around for so long: fertstert.org/article/S0015...

My grandmother had horrible periods on my mom's side as well as my aunt (who had issues getting pregnant), and my mom only had an endometrioma once and had 'painful cramps'. What's odd is that my periods weren't always painful; yes I did have a few burst cysts that led me to the ER. I actually thought my period was bowel related b/c of diahrria. Another problem was my pain kept starting earlier and earlier and then I had symptoms during ovulation. But it wasn't till February when they got painful.

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So it's moms fault!!


Actually that may be true and n some cases .

Mothers out there don't blame yourself .

My mom smoked the whole time I was 5 1/2 psd

Sister and mother had no problems .

I have heard of endo being found in men.

Do you know if it's in a specific part of their body ?

And is it endo lining developer from estrogen ??

There are so many things that happen at the moment of conception.

So many hundreds of things have to be in perfect alignment that it's a surprise anyone conceives .

This is just my thought s no proof .One of those things that can go wrong is a baby being born with both sexes .

Just thinking out loud here ,

But wondering if any of that may be involved ?

Of course most of us were not born being both sexes .

( as far as we know )

I mean the ones that are born with that is seen on the outside at birth .

Lets pretend for a minute that there are all these billions of cells running amuck.

Well they kind of are .

But In that time of development when the sex of the baby is known ,,,

I'm thinking out loud here ,,,

What if it's in those moments that endo is developer .

If we did not know what's all going on in there do you all think it possibke that endo just ....might...

Happen because a little tiny mix up in the sex development went astray not enough to actually have the organs of both sexes but on a smaller scale

At that time when maybe the body does not know endo comes into play ????

Please do not take this as proof of anything that's been researched or studied .

This is just something that has always been in the back of my mind for years

I happen to love bringing up and reading others theory's even if they are way out there .

And actually looking outside the box is where answers will be found.

Doctors do not have time to be a detective

But some of us do

And it's our bodies

And our children's bodies

And there's

That we want to know things

Until a little a lot of detective playing goes on the answers will forever more be a mystery !!!

I don't want that to be

I want to do all I can to rise up against this ugly monster that has consumed so many of our women's lives .

I'm afraid those answers will

Be learned by us



Actually believe it or not male and female fetuses are relatively the same till later in development. For example men have nipples b/c they were originally female and we have a clitoris b/c it was once a penis.

One of my aunts doesn't have bad periods and had no issues getting pregnant and the one who had extremely bad ones had a daughter and she has no issues either.

Actually it couldn't start from smoking, you see each parent has a set of genes, some that are more dominant then others for example if your mom has blue eyes and your dad has brown eyes your more likely to get brown eyes b/c their less dominant.

The endo could've simply skipped your sisters due to genetics.

Or your sisters could have the type of endo that has no symptoms.

Another thing is that once the mutation of endo takes place you'll pass it on to your daughter since you now how the gene in DNA.

Doctors don't do research they just treat it, however gynaecological scientists are looking for a cure but there is an isane lack of funding for endo.



Do you get any pain in your groin, pelvic area?

Have they booked you in for an internal scan?

Did you ask your doctor to do a hormone blood test?



Hi bloods done testosterone is higher than normal. I'm having an ultrasound soon. I do get a bit of pain in the pelvic area. I have awful anxiety at the moment regarding al of this.


Your symptoms certainly do suggest pcos. It can develop in mid 20s. Luckily you've had a child already. It can be treated and managed but not necessarily cured.


It does sound like PCOS

But there are treatments for that almost seems like maybe endo is worse


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