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Prostap Lupron shot

Hi ladies I am wanting advice on the Prostap Lupron injection. I am due to have my first one next week and feeling nervous and a little worried about it due to Side effects and the story's I've heard about it. It's the only thing they can try now but my doctor didn't want to as I was trying to conceive but couldn't get pregnant but this seems to be last resort. Thanks in advance for any advice or story's on Lupron xxx

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Hi Sarah - when you say it is now the only thing they can try what is your endo history so far. Where do you have it and what has been done?


Hiya, I'm not sure if you've used the search engine on here to read previous posts on prostap as it is quite a common question on the forum. Yes there are lots of horror stories but every one is different and you may not react the same way. I was nervous before I started my course of postal but my experience on the whole has been OK.

I was on prostap for 11 months (had monthly injections) and had my final injection in June. Some things to be aware of: your periods may not stop straight away, for some women it does but for others it may take some time. My period took a couple of months before it stopped completely. As I took prostap for quite a while I found that on the whole there were about 4 or 5 months (not back to back) of this time when I actually had a period. If you bleed continously from starting or the bleed gets heavier then you should speak to your doctor.

You will probably have read that within the first few months there is a period of time when it feels like the pain gets worse and then settles down after this. I had this at month 3 and then was pain free from then on.

I found that taking a supplement called starflower oil helped with the menopause symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats. It is similar to evening primrose oil but has more of the active ingredient. I'm sure EPO will have the same effect.

Try not to worry too much, perhaps you can also look into the endo diet if you haven't already as some women find it helps control their symptoms.


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