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Having a moan :(

Hey ladies my pain the last few days has kicked up a notch ever since a really busy night shift on Sunday night. My back is so painful and the pain in my pelvis feels as if I have pulled all my groin and my public bone is actually sore to touch. I've also got a lot of sharp pain around my ovary area both sides and the tops of my inner thighs are sore. Does any else feel like they have pulled their groin when their pain is bad? It even makes me walk funny. I think this post is just to have a moan because of how crappy I feel, I'm hoping my referral to the endo specialist comes soon as I'm finding it hard to lift my head off the pillow in the mornings I'm that exhausted and tonight to top it off I'm back on a night shift :( xx

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Aww poor you I'm the same I only do part time but I get so exhausted at times to I use heat pads on my belly and take my pain relief I can't stand for long periods of time as pain gets really bad xx


100% can relate! You're not alone. The groin, back and hip pain is absolutely frustrating. Short breaks when you work long shifts would be ideal but not always possible! Heat packs like Nicola says helps! And also a bit of a massage to the area helps me a bit too! x


Thank you ladies :) I will definitely be getting some heat patches as I'd love to walk around with my hot water bottles all day! I only do 23 hours at work thank god but have a 10 month old to run around after so I'm very sore most of the time xx


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