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Hello. Would anyone be able to offer me advice on supplements to take for endometriosis? I have not yet been formally diagnosed but all the pieces seem to fit. I am awaiting a gynaecologist appointment. We are trying for a baby and I am keen to go down the holistic route. Does anyone else help control theirs through diet or supplements and if so what would you recommend? Thank you x

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I was recently looking into this and came across the FODMAP diet which is recommended to help with endo. I also got supplements; omega 3, magnesium&zinc. I'm not sure if making a difference, I was looking into it as my symptoms have became worse, but maybe worth a go? There's quite a lot online about it all. Good luck with everything x


I'm following the endometriosis diet and this seems to help with my symptoms. Also I take folic acid multi vitamina and magnesium supplimentso.


If you're trying for a baby I would recommend taking pregnacare pre-conception. Personally I've had much more energy and it's the best supplement out of its type. I'd also recommend the book what to expect when you're expecting (first 100 pgs are on preconception) and reading this info patient.info/health/plannin...

Here is info on the endo diet


Though you'd probs have to reintroduce dairy when prego - the good news is symptoms usually calm down in pregnancy anyway.

I've just started acupuncture and finding it good and also massage - though if you are ttc massage should be avoided (along with heat pads in the abdominal area and the majority of pain killers :-/ hence why I'm going holistic - it's helping!).

Hope all that helps


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Someone else had asked about supplements and this site was recommended: marilynglenville.com/womens... Also, we have switched to an organic diet, which seems to have helped. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone - all really helpful x


Also worth looking at henrietta Nortons "take control of your endometriosis", it offers advice on diet and supplements and other lifestyle changes hat may help alleviate symptoms.


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