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Supplements/alternative treatments

Hi all,

I won't go in to laborious detail about my endo....see my bio! It's stage IV and not being treated as I'm TTC. However two weeks ago my latest scan showed several endometrioma which have grown rapidly and my mood....like my bladder control is deteriorating rapidly! Never thought I'd be in Tena pads at 33!

Anyway I'm thinking about trying acupuncture...has anyone had any positive results with this?

Secondly diet and supplements. All the medical journals I've read found no link with dietary changes and improvement in endo symptoms but if anyone has any tips I would consider making changes. Also as well as St John's Wort I'm wondering about a daily supplement too?

Any feedback would be appreciated, it's kind of all I can do at the moment!!

Thanks x

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yes, definitely diet and suplemiments do help. buy and read " The Period Repair Manual" , it has a whole section about endometriosis. St. John's worth doesn't help actually. Vitex is recommended for endometriosis, along with magnesium and a few other supliments.

I recommend to try it. Also progesterone.

Good luck!


Ill look into that, never heard of 'Vitex' and my progesterone levels are normal as just checked for my fertility work up...how do you take extra progesterone???

Have you tried any supplements personally that have helped?


I am also TTC and I succeeded three times but unfortunately I lost all the pregnancies. Last time, couple of months ago my doctor suggested progesterone even though my levels were normal.. I am sorry I didn't take it but I looked into it and I believe it would have helped. Also, I have a friend that took it after two miscarriages and her third pregnancy was successful. It's a pill you take once or twice a day depending on the strength and you can also increase the dosage as the pregnancy progresses. Before pregnant you can take it after ovulation for 12 days.. But I am sure the doctor will tell you.

I personally tried the anti- inflammation diet which is very simple.. at least to remember ;) three things are not allowed: gluten, diary, alcohol. Also a few supliments: calcium, magnesium, B6, B12, Iodine and selenium. These all together helped a lot with my period pain and bleeding. I almost have a normal period now and it worked quite fast. However, it did not help too much with pain in general, outside the period.

Acupuncture also did not help me... But I think it should help. Maybe I did not find a very good acupuncturist.

I wish you the best and hope to hear good news soon :)


Ginger, it's an anti inflammatory that helps my pain a lot, get a low dose ginger pill though, I took 1 once that was on the higher side and I got really sick. Now I just eat candied ginger.

Fruits and veggies


Coo, never knew that about ginger! I knew it was good for nausea but not inflammation. Will have to try it...thanks x


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