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Yasmin Pill

Hello everyone. I currently un-diagnosed and am in the process of going to lots of doctors appointments....

My doctor has put me on the Yasmin pill to try and help with my ovulation pain, which it has slightly but I'm still sore. I start my break from them tomorrow so will have to see how I go with that!

My question is, can the yasmin pill make endo worse? I've read that some pills can encourage it to grow?

Thank you ladies!

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Hi, the Yasmin pill is supposed to be one of the better BCPs for endo and it usually doesn't cause as serious side effects but obviously we are all different so some women's bodies may react differently to it.

It is thought that the fluctuations in oestrogen levels that occurs because of our periods is one of the things that encourages endo so going on a BCP for 3 months at a time to reduce the amount of periods and keep our oestrogen levels constant is supposed to help some ladies. This is similar to pregnancy when we no longer have periods but have a consistently high level of oestrogen which is helpful for the baby.

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Hi - combined contraceptive pills mimic pregnancy in preventing ovulation by maintaining lower levels of the strongest form of oestrogen called oestradiol that controls the menstrual cycle. This is the form of oestrogen that drives endo so the lower levels should decrease the stimulation of endo lesions. In 'real' pregnancy this form of oestrogen takes a back seat and is replaced by a much weaker oestrogen called estriol so that is why a lot of women find their symptoms go away during pregnancy. However, the effectiveness of pills as a treatment for endo depends on the severity of it. At best they may control mild to moderate endo while ever you are on it but they may not be effective on more serious disease. Endo can make its own oestradiol within its own cells that doesn't depend on the menstrual cycle at all so that aspect is likely to be different in different women. There are many variables and so every experience is different. If you feel that you endo is worse on the pill it may be that the pill is just not controlling it and your endo is progressing.

There is a protocol to be followed for suspected endo and birth control pills are usually the usual first treatment suggested by GPs but the only way to diagnose it is by a diagnostic laparoscopy. This is the protocol:


GPs will then usually refer to general gynaecology but we now have specialist centres. Endo can be missed in general gynaecology which really must be avoided. I suggest you ask for referral to a centre. Click on my name and look at my post on how to access one and click on all the links as to your rights if you are in England. There are also centres in the other UK countries but unfortunately you don't have quite the choices and in that case may have to go through general gynea first. Learn as much as you can in order to be informed and in a position to guide your treatment plan. x

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Thank you very much ladies. Lots of great information there!

I'm currently on my week break from them at the moment (my doctor didn't mention to take it continuously). I've had a few sharp pains in the left side of my stomach, some hip pain (left side) and some back pain. I usually have horrific bowel pain as well, so will have to see how it goes. I'm hoping I won't be bleeding for 2 and a half weeks either and the pill will help control that!

I was worried about the pain being masked by the pill and not really gotten to the bottom of. Should I ask for a referal to an endo centre? I have a phone appointment on the first of Sep with my doctor and wanted to know what my next steps ahould be?

Thanks again ladies!


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