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Lap results


I'm new to this site, so glad to find a site full of support.

I had a Lap 2 days ago, feeling pretty pants which I can see from reading your posts we are all feeling pretty pants :-(

They confirmed endometriosis, but have said I'm to go back in two weeks to discuss.

When I last had this done ten years, they treated the endo straight away think they lasered this off.

Do they not do that now does anyone know? Don't think I have it bad so maybe that's why? They took a biopsy as well which I'm guessing is pretty standard now as well?

Also had a coil fitted, which I had the choice but upset me as after 8 years of trying for a baby with no success, it made it feel very real that, that chapter has come to an end :-(

Would love to hear some advice, just hoping it's not a. Case of going back to have another op?

Love Lou xx

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Having surgery is never fun, took me 2 weeks to recover and then still it took me a while to have things back to normal.

So they didnt remove the Endometriosis during your op?

They always take a biopsy to make sure they know what it could be, they did with me. I only found out by chance that they did this when my gp asked me if i reveived that information!

They got rid of my endo when i was having surgery straight away, but if they didnt, the only way to remove it is with surgery. Can you maybe ask sooner? 2 weeks is a long time to find out

Good luck with everything !!


Hi Naomi,

Thank you for replying.

Funny enough I've had a letter from the Consultant today, explaining that the endo is affecting both ovaries & the region of the left uterosacral (whatever that is lol).

She has said that she hopes having the merena fitted will be the a suitable first lune of treatment, but will still review me in two weeks.

I'm signed off for next week as well but because I have the option to work from work I feel I should try & work but if I feel like this next week I can't see how I can.

Hope all is ok with you & thank you again for your support :-)

Lou x


Lou, don't rush yourself back to work if you're still feeling miserable. I'm in the recovery stage from a laparoscopy where they did remove the endo and i got a mirena fitted as well. I had mine on Tues 28th July and really only started feeling a bit better yesterday (8 days after my op). Remember, you had surgery - whatever way you look at it, yeah it was keyhole - yes, usually shorter recovery time, but still - you had surgery! I'd be looking at taking at least 10 days off from work. Take it easy, look after yourself. xxx


Hey Lou,

Maybe just take it easy next week. I wanted to do things quicker, but my body really didnt want to co-operate with me! Just take 1 day at a time, everyday a bit more, but dont overdo it.

Look after yourself and good luck!!!



Hi, biopsies are definately standard procedure, they do it even if they are sure they are looking at endo. Was your gynae an endo specialist? I ask because only endo specialists will be able to remove difficult or deep infiltrating endometriosis. If it involves other internal organs such as bowel/bladder then other surgeons need to be consulted. Thus repeat surgery is sometimes necessary. I think what you are referring to is endometriosis on the "uterosacral ligaments". The left one in your case. This is often indicative of deep pelvic endometriosis (as is ovarian endo) and I would be consulting with an endometriosis specialist if you don't already have one. Also if you have chocolate cysts (ovarian endo) a mirena will not treat these. They generally have to be surgically removed, considering size and how symptomatic you are. I hope you start to feel better soon.


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