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So confused!

Hello :)

I'm so happy I've found this website as I've been in pain for around 4 years now (I'm not 21) with no answers and it's feels like no one has listened. After researching Endometriosis I finely feel like the symptoms make sense after spending years being treated as though it may be my bladder. Ive even had my pee tube stretched!

I've got constant pains in my pelvis that seem to be worse when I'm laid down, sat down or laid on my side. Trying to sleep is just so much work every night. I'm crying daily and constantly cancelling plans with my friends because I just can't be bothered to deal with it anymore. It's making me isolate myself more and more and I feel like it's just never going to end. The doctors are only just starting to listen to me and have given me the combined pill as it's supposed to ease the pain. I was wondering if anyone had used it and if it helped or not? They still won't send me to a speacialised to be properly diagnosed! I swear they just think I'm stupid!

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I was on the combined pill and it helped me. I had pain during my period but as least I knew when it would be exactly and could plan around it. It took 12 years for me to be diagnosed even though I knew I had it. In the end I booked in to see a female doctor and when she asked about my periods I told her my problems as well as some key endo symptoms, not all if which I had but it made her take notice. She did a pelvic examine and then referred me to a specialist who did a lap and found stage 2/3 endo. My specialist and dr have been fab ever since. I would ask to see a female dr all the drs i saw beforehand were male and told me that periods were meant to be painful! 😠

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