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2 laps later and still in agony

Hi wondering if anyone can help I have had 2 laps to remove my endometriosis the latest one being 13 weeks ago also had the mirena interested at the same time but I have been in total agony ever since and it is my endometriosis pain. Definitely worse than I have ever had it and been having regular periods which were ment to be stopped. Anyone know what the next steps will be I have my next appointment in august. They have already tried various methods but all been unsuccessful

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Hi following your post. I'm 10 weeks post op (2nd lap) still not any better but not all endo was excised. I'm getting a follow up August too. I will be asking to be referred to Specialist Endo Centre or go private. x

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This is terrible I have never been in so much pain before not easy when u have a 10 month old baby to look after lol xx


I had a similar problem although my pain was different... Like strong contractions (I imagine - I've never had a child)... So so painful I'd stop in my tracks, nearly collapse then it would disappear... For an hour or two... then happen again. I know now that it was my uterus trying to expel the mirena coil... I put up with this for a whole year before my gynae finally took the darn thing out. I hope you don't suffer the same way... I'd definitely mention it when you go for your post op appointment. Xx


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