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Referral other county

Hi girls,

I have been trying to get my GP to refer me to the endometriosis centre in J. Radcliffe Oxford. There is no endometriosis centre in my county (bucks).

I've been to Oxford to see their gynecologist privately a few weeks ago to have the opinion of an endometriosis specialist and not just any gynecologist. When I went for the visit, we agreed that I need and MRI and then probably a lap to investigate and repair as much as possible as all my symptoms seems to confirm endometriosis. The plan was to get my GP to refer me to his NHS hospital and then he can refer me for an MRI at the endo centre and see me after that to discuss.

I also seen a gynecologist in France in an endo centre that thinks the same and also wants me to do an MRI but as I wasn't staying long enough I couldn't have it done in France. He advised me to get it done as soon as possible in the UK and see with a specialist or come back to him.

I then went to my GP that said there was no problem referring me to Oxford but today after a week wait, I went to the surgery to ask what was happening with my referal as Oxford didn't receive anything.

They explained to me that as it is outside my county, they first have to send the referral to CVHealth (which is the place that deals with gynecologist in my area) for them to agree that I can be referred outside the area. They will then send the referral to Oxford.

I am a bit confused... Why is everything so long??

Has anyone had MRI done in Oxford? Is the waiting time long?

I feel like I've been waiting forever and on days like this I'm missing france and the simplicity of the process for referral.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks a lot in advance

I hope you are all ok today


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Hi - I am not sure where your GP has got this information from because residents in the UK can choose to go anywhere in the country and don't need approval. This link explains it:


Look particularly at the part about how far to travel. The referral to the named consultant you want to treat you should be done by Choose and Book. Also click on my name and read my post on how to find a specialist.

Opinions can't be given about particular specialists so I'll pm you. x


Hi. I just wanted to say that I have just been seen and treated by the specialists at the John Radcliffe and I too live in bucks. I was however referred there by a gyn consultant at Stoke Mandeville.

But as for waiting times:

I saw a consultant at JR within 1 month of referral, I had an mri within 6 weeks of that appointment and I had surgery a month after that - which was just over 2 weeks ago.

I hope this helps and wish you all the luck when you finally get there - I cannot fault their care at all!


I PM you ;)

Thanks a lot



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