Still no referral!!

So I saw a different doctor this morning to push for a referral - and still nothing!

He told me they can't refer me until I have had a load of blood tests done (already booked for Monday afternoon) .

My local hospital hosts the Dorset Endo Centre, but he has also said he can't refer me there, only to gyne at the hospital who will then send me onto DEC!

Has anyone else experienced this, referral to gyne rather than a specialist?

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  • Hi - your GP is totally wrong about the referral. They seem to come out with things from the tops of their head for which they have no evidence. The centres were set up to prevent exactly what might happen if you are referred to a local hospital. You would probably have a lap by an inexperienced general gynaecologist who may miss endo altogether, underestimate what you have and give you some alternative diagnoses such as IBS. The centres accept referral from either primary or secondary care. They are regulated by what is called the BSGE and are listed on their website with all the relevant info. I will give you a reference to all the links at the end of this but the very first of the requirements to be a BSGE centre reads:

    '1. A dedicated consultant lead endometriosis service run within a specialist outpatient clinic

    This is a clinic, which is specifically devoted to endometriosis patients and accepts referral for this named condition. Ideally, it is recorded as such for any respective referrer; whether they be primary or secondary care clinicians. The clinic should be named The Endometriosis Clinic and advertise its referral criteria for use locally. The purpose is to ensure local patients are aware of the specialist clinic and the advantages it will offer them. There should be a lead consultant or team of consultants who run the service and these will be the named consultants accredited to run a BSGE Endometriosis Centre.'

    As you are in England you are covered by NHS Choices that allows you to choose where you are treated and by whom. A GP cannot dictate this, especially when they are wrong! Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find an endometriosis specialist and feel free to send me a private message if you get any trouble with asking for the referral after taking all the evidence along.

    Blood tests won't diagnose endo but many GPs like to give you a full screening to check for any other health problems which is probably fair enough and for your benefit. It should only take a week or so for them to come back so I should use the time to go through everything in my post and get yourself prepared for a consultation to insist on your rights. x

  • Thank you very much for the reply.

    The doctor said he had spoken to the hospital and they 'won't accept the referral until all tests were done' - I don't know if I believe this, but I rang the local Endi centre yesterday and I can't even get advise from them without a referral!

    Blood tests on Monday afternoon, checking for everything and anything now, was told to see the doc again on Wednesday and THEN they will refer!!

    Local area is a 2-4 month wait just for gyne, but they have said (and I will hold them to it!) that I will be referred as urgent, making the wait 3-4 weeks.

    I don't see what more I can do bwtween now and Wednesday then bloods are back? 😕

  • I wonder what hospital your doctor claims to have rung. Presumably the local one. There is absolutely nothing in any NHS protocol to say you have to have blood tests before a referral for suspected endo because there are no blood tests that can indicate it. There is just one called a CA125 that can be raised in endo but the guidelines say this shouldn't be done as it is not at all specific for endo.

    In your previous post you said your hubby has mentioned going private and you can do this for an initial consultation then transfer to the NHS for treatment. I would strongly suggest you do this. Have another look at the post I referred to in my first reply - don't accept referral to a local hospital as it could mark yet another long goose chase trying to be heard. All decisions must be jointly made between you and your GP as you are a partner in your care. If you have a lap in general gynae and they say you don't have endo you are likely to have a devil of a job then seeing someone else as they may say you have already had a second opinion. Run all this by your hubby and can he go with you. x

  • I had my appendix out in October. They removed a lot of blood from my pelvis, tested it and confirmed endo, so I really don't understand my doctors dragging their heels like this!!

    I will go for the blood tests Monday, on Wednesday I won't leave my doctors until they refer me to the endo centre across the road from them... That's how close my doctor is to the local hospital!!


  • It might be worth asking them if they want to do any other tests - my GP said that a gynae wouldn't see me until I've had STI swabs done too, so I had to go to a clinic and get them done (also had blood tests done by the gp) before the GP referred me. The GP said that if they hadn't insisted on me getting tested, the gynae would and then it would make things take even longer to get to see them for a proper consultation.

  • I've had everything tested already, it's just bloods now! Can't understand why they didn't do everything at once tho? It would have knocked about a month off of any waiting times I will now have to face!!


  • Urgh! Don't get me started on silly delays to waiting times through poor admin and "lost letters".

  • Good old NHS huh?!?!?! 😊

  • It was the private clinic that fluffed up first! Couldn't tell me if they had actually sent the letter back to my GP or not, they had no record of it being sent (this was after calling up three days in a row with promises of calling me back, saying they thought maybe the secretary had gone off on holiday and taken the dictaphone with her?!)

    Crap service once they realised they weren't getting any more money out of me

  • Oh my god, that's even worse!! Poor you!!🙁

  • Goodness, no, my situation isn't worse - I can't believe they've already taken a look inside you, got proper evidential proof of the issue and yet they're still knobbing you around?!

  • Always the way with me, nothing is ever simple!! I am prepared to keep fighting tho, it's ruining my life enough as it is!!!

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