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GP referral letter

Hi, Does anyone know how long I should expect my GP surgery to take to send a referral letter to my consultant? I have been ringing the surgery every day for the last 2 weeks and been given assurances that it will be done that day but it never is.

I have had similar issues in the last and even the practice manager takes days to ring me!

My GP was supposed to ring me after surgery and she hasn't done!!!

Feeling frustrated and disappointed 😓

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Was there a biopsy performed? If there was that may take longer.


No, it's just a straight forward letter from my GP referring me to the endometriosis clinic at the local hospital. Nothing complicated at all!!!


I had same problem with my GP. I ended up having a follow up appointment from surgery before theyd sent the referral for the new pain. I ended up going to the GP and insisting.on a copy of the letter, which clearly hadnt been sent after three weeks, and took it with me to the appointment. So frustrating.



Sorry to hear you're having a nightmare getting referred. I think mine took around 2 weeks before i got a letter from my GP with the online booking referral system details. Keep on at them- waiting about it a pain!

Hope you get somewhere soon x


I had the same issue recently. They sent a letter to the hospital but I heard nothing for weeks. So I spoke to the hospital myself and they hadn't event received the letter!!! and recommended the Dr used choose and book service on the nhs. Rang back the surgery and they did it the same day.


Thank u for all your replies. Had a long call with my GP and, as I expected, she was outraged that the secretaries are taken so long to type a letter. It should be sorted tomorrow but it's a shame that she had to become involved given the pressure that the NHS is experiencing at the moment x


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