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I am sure this question has been asked previously, but cannot find the answers. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. Pouch of Douglas obliterated by adhesion. Laparoscopy done, endometriosis not removed, follow up appointment with the gynecologist is in 4 months time. My GP stated that as he has already made a referral to the gynecologist he cannot make a referral to the specialist and prescribed me stronger pain killers.

I have decided to go private, I live in London (South West) any recommendations on BSGE specialist consultants and the cost for consultation and surgery?

Roughly how long would it take a private consultant to fit me in?

Thanks for all the advice, the forum has been very educational and given me hope.

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I live in North East so maybe different waiting times for London but if you are paying private, the waiting times to see a consultant are a day or two. Usually private consultants work both NHS as well and the private will be in an evening. Depending how your consultant goes about lap means it could be a week or two for lap or in my case I have to have 3 monthly Prostap injections before surgery! Good luck whatever you do xx

Hiya, thank you for your reply. As I have already had my first lap last week Tuesday. Haven't been told much or given any information post Lap. I would like a second opinion, and if surgery is the way forward, its something I would rather get it done and over with asap. Good luck with your surgery xx

All the ladies I've seen post on here recommend endo specialist and a gyno lap *can* be a waste of time. I've not had my lap yet so I'm no expert but I'm going private to avoid waiting times mainly. I'm really lucky my parents are paying for me and I think they are setting up a payment plan, pay 10% and then split over so many months interest free. Good luck with getting sorted! xx

Sorry sounds confusing I meant a lap with general gyno can be a waste of time and not with an endo specialist xx

completely agree, that's what happened to me. I went in for a cyst removal and came out with a diagnosis and no treatment. So am looking at another surgery to remove the endo. Private is the way forward, I will look into the payment option. Good luck xx

Hello, longest I have waited for a private consultation was 2 weeks and I could basically choose when I had my lap too. Having had 2 laps privately and 3 NHS the whole experience is so much better and the aftercare in hospital remarkably different in a good way privately. I wish you all the best xx

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Thanks for your reply. Did you have it done in London? if so where and how much am i looking at so that i can better plan financially.

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Hello, unfortunately no, I had them done in the West Midlands and East Sussex as I moved house. Op costs were around £5000 and I *believe* though could be wrong you could split the costs over a payment scheme. Xxx

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Thank you, that's really helpful xx

Mr Kunde did my op in October and I wished I’d had it done years ago. Symptoms so much better. He practices at guys and st Thomas hospital and has private clinics at London Bridge and the Portland - can’t recommend him enough. My op was NHS so not sure of price and wait times.

Hi, I also have stage 4. I am currently under 2 BSGE specialist centres. Your gp is wrong. I was already under a gynae consultant and wanted a second opinion as I felt I wasn’t receiving the correct treatment. I also have it in the pouch of Douglas, a recto vaginal nodule, and it was wrapped around my ureter. I am currently under an Oxford specialist in John Radcliffe Hospital and UCLH in London for pain management. UCLH have an endometriosis multidisciplinary centre. They are amazing and I highly recommend. Although the waiting list is very long. It may be worth checking if they are listed as a private clinic too. The consultant I see also works for bupa etc.

I would say also go back and challenge your GP as they have to refer to BSGE accredited endometriosis centre. If one gp won’t do it ,see another GP. That’s what I had to do. You can still see a private consultant and sometimes private consultant will then ask GP to refer you to their NHS clinic if you can’t may for surgery like mine did but endometriosis is not something that goes away ( personal experience with stage 4 endo after 2 surgeries - one in specialist endometriosis centre and recurred after 5 years) so you do need to be under an endometriosis centre I would say.

Hi I researched on private,King Edward hospital treating endo in London but I do'nt know its actual cost,because London is expensive,some other private clinics like in stockport and yorkshire ,they charge £200,for first visit and 150 for later visits and surgeical charges vary to case ,it start from £3000 to 17000,I have stage four endo too for my surgical process their cost is £11000.

Well I do not know how worst your symptoms are,if you can wait some mote time you can change your gp and resquest new gp to reffere you to BSGE ,becoz in stage 4 endo there is no point he reffer you to gernal gyne, the can't treat you,even may mishandle your case.

Good luck for your search ,hope you find something good x

I had to print out the NICE guidelines for endometriosis and take it with me, even then I had to really push the GP for the referral, she couldn't understand why I didn't just want to be referred to another local hospital.

I recently booked a private consultation with a specialist. The initial appointment was nearly £300 but totally worth the money! I can't afford to go private so have now got NHS referral in to see the consultant.

I went with Mr. Khazali who is at St Peter's hospital (Surrey) for NHS and have a look at for his private practice. From what I can tell, this guy is highly recommended in the "Endo" world.

If a laparoscopy was performed and endo was not removed, it wasn't an endo surgeon clearly. You absolutely need to go for a great endo surgeon in London.

I am unaware of the best in the area, but I can suggest those I found: DR PETER BARTON-SMITH

at Princess Grace Hospital ( and MR. SHAHEEN KHAZALI in London, Surrey (,

works privately and with NHS. Private phone is 0800 270 7 270.

NHS phone is 0193 272 2 654. A GP referral is essential for NHS hospitals).

I can’t recommend anyone however I have been private and I was seen for initial consultation within 2 days and surgery a week later

We’re not allowed to reccommend drs here but I’ve had two private consultants now. My lap with a general gynae was about 4k (including anaesthetist fees) and I had mine on an insurance policy which I’m lucky to still have. Waited about two weeks for a consult and booked my lap around college terms so waited a few months but only for convenience. Same goes for my current consultant who is BSGE. I’ve seen him in Beckenham and in Kent and haven’t had to wait long for appointment to see him, though his secretary is a bit of a nightmare. I think consultations cost about 100-150.

Dr John Bidmead. Works at Kings College

I suggest you request to join the Nancy's Nook facebook group for the most in depth information on everything endometriosis and recommended 'Nook' doctors globally. Including Shaheen Khazali who I'm seeing at St Peter's Hospital, just outside of London (I also live SW London). He's the best and also does private ( I happened to get him on NHS through requesting at my GP to send my referral to that hospital and asking for that doctor). I was told there was a 9month waiting list for a lap with him on NHS and only a 1 week wait privately - but then was offered a lap on the NHS with him for a date within a month of my consultation. Hope this helps!

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Very helpful thank you. Will check our Nacy’s nook. Xx

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