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Put on the waiting list and lose weight to have a baby

Hi Ladies

I had my hospital appointment yesterday. It went well.....I think!!.

My gynae was really nice, he said that my MRI had come back clear and he didn't think I should have another lap. He was very understanding but quite blunt, asking me outright why haven't I had babies yet and saying that I should be trying. I was quite shocked and asked him if he had read my notes the part stating that I found it difficult to have intercourse due to pain!? He apologised straight away, he then changed his mind and said he wants me to have the lap so he can go in have a look around and clear up anything that could be in there. So now I feel better he has put me on the operating list. However in the next breath he said to me that once the lap has been done I should start trying for a baby (which was my plan anyway) but he has told me that to help me conceive I should lose weight. I am a size 14-16 and stand tall at 5ft 6in I know I am a little overweight but not unhealthy with it. Can anyone tell me if they have been told the same of the doctors?


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Hiya I had my lap 5 years ago and they found mild endo on my ovaries but did not laser any away. When I went 6 weeks after my lap my consultant said have a baby it will get rid of it but do it before u are 30 otherwise u will be infertile. Considering I miscarried twins before I have my lap I wasn't expecting him to be so blunt. I have been left to deal with it for 5 years now and I am desperate for a baby but it's prob got worse over this amount of time.

I hope this helps u Hun xx


Thanks Leanne90 it is good to know others are in the same boat. I was shocked at being told to have a baby and to lose weight. I know my clock is ticking but with intercourse being painful (tmi sorry) I wanted to see the hospital first :(


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