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Now on the waiting list for hysterectomy!

So, after quite a lot of deliberating and having been told on Friday that my endo is once again back and severe I've decided to go down the route of a hysterectomy! I've signed my consent form and now await a date. I thought that I would feel upset - I don't! I feel nervous! Really nervous! But also releived! This whole nightmare could and I know it's not guaranteed but it could soon be over!

When I asked my consultant how much endo was shown on the MRI he answered "a lot" and then reminded me just how many times he has removed it over the years... And how many times we'd discussed the hysterectomy over these many years!

So that's it, it will be done within the next few months leaving only my ovaries behind but taking my tubes to reduce the cancer risk.

At 35 and with no children I know it's a massive decision but I've suffered for so long and each time it returns worse than it was! And whilst I know there's no 100% guarantee it will work it's got to be better than the way I am now...

So please, any positive stories share them with me!

Hoping everyone is well! X

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Are you being seen in a specialist centre, and will they excise all your endo along side the hysterectomy?


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Yes, he's an endo specialist and carrying out excision again at the same time! X

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That great, I had a hysterectomy in July, my recovery was good, much better than I thought it would be,

Good luck xxx

Hi Em I'm having hysterectomy , ovary removal, excision and possible bowel resection on 3rd March. Just wanted to wish you good luck

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Oh good luck to you too huni! Yours will be before mine so hope all does go ok and please let me know how you get on! My ovaries will remain but having previously had a bowel resection with previous surgery I praying that it's not necessary again! Although I did recover from it really well! Awful condition that we suffer from Grrr

Best of luck to you and here's to us both soon feeling much better x

Hi Jean, I'm having the same as you how long did u wait for your op date? Got my pre op 15th Feb but no details on actual op date 😔 I live in Essex where are u based?



Hi Leanne was diagnosed with endo and possible adenomyosis in July had follow up in August where it was decided on hysterectomy. Was originally told it would be January but as he's a good surgeon his work load is heavy , so it was then booked for 11th March. Received letter yesterday and it was bought forward to the 3rd with pre op 26th February. I live in Southampton. Keep in touch .

Sorry ignore my last msg Jean just realised u gave me pre op date 🙈

Hi I was told if there is signs of endometriosis then the only wae to stop it coming back is to take the ovaries because that's what causes the problems

Hi Jean, have u had your pre op date yet? I have mine on 15th Feb but they said it could be Upto 6 months wait 😩


hi, I had my hysterectomy September and doc left my ovaries but I can say my recovery was great. I have pain by my ovaries but I can handle it. Good luck with your op and listen to the doctors as for your recovery as that takes time. :)

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