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Back to back Cerazette

H Ladies,

I was diagnosed with Endo about 2.5 years ago and was perscribed Cerezette/Cerelle to control symptoms.

I have never had surgeries to remove endo tissue.

I am concerned that most things I read say if you take the pill back to back you should have a break but the doctors keep telling me it's fine without.

Please could anyone advise if they are being told the same and if this is safe?

Thank you

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My doctor is adamant that the break is pointless & I believe him. Its about suppressing periods to limit endo growth.

I did that for 4 months but I still felt rubbish & had a lap to remove the endo.

Cezarette made me feel terrible, I put on weight, was incredibly moody & just felt terrible! But some women really like it, I think back to back is completely fine. Good luck & feel better soon!


Thank you :-)


I took my pill back to back for a ridiculous length of time too, and i was really concerned! My GP said that i didnt need to take a break, but if it made me feel better i could just take a week off and then re-start it just to get a period, but i figured it wouldn't hurt just taking it all the time!

If you do take a break then don't forget you'll have to start with extra contraception for the first week i think it is!

Emma x


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